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8 Best Football Games For Android Soccer Lovers (Download Now)

Since Android phones are trending than any other kind of Smartphone here in Nigeria. I have put together a list of the most popular, free Android soccer games that will bring the excitement of a football game to your palms. I have also embedded links to download each of the game listed in this post so you can download to enjoy them on your Android phones and tablets.

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Are you a passionate football fan of one club or the other? Is playing football one of your hobbies? Football is ultimately the famous sport in Naija which everybody likes to get engaged with one way or the other. In this article, you will get the best football games for Android soccer lovers (Plus their download links).

It is usually not enough to leave all the actions to the players on the pitch with you just behind the screen yelling. Instead of yelling and shouting in front your TV about what you think one player is doing wrong or right, why don’t you just find a way of participating in the action?

Yes, you know can actually put all the football strategies that go on and on in your head when you are watching a football match into use by getting any of the many football video games out there on your PC or Smartphone.

Its the modern world and smartphones are on the rise. Nobody likes to carry their Laptop about, so it is easier and smarter to get these games on your Smartphone so that you can engage your passion any place, any time.

Since Android phones are trending than any other kind of smartphone here in Nigeria. I have put together a list of the most popular, free Android soccer games that will bring the excitement of a football game to your palms. I have also embedded links to download each of the game listed in this post so you can download to enjoy them on your Android phones and tablets.

Here is the list of the top and best football games for Android


FIFA Mobile SoccerFIFA Mobile Soccer is a simulation soccer game with more than 640 original teams, over 15,000 players and 30 leagues. It was developed by EA Mobile, a section of the EA Sports the makers of the PC and console version.

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Newly introduced in the game is the “Attack Mode” where players defend against counter attacks from the opposition and maintain a constant offensive position.

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The Live Events feature in the game is based on recent real events in the world of football. the multiplayer mode is also great as players are allowed to come together to form leagues so they can compete with other leagues.

The game is available for both Android and iOS devices. Its file size on Play Store is below 100MB which is nice for such a cool game.

Download FIFA Mobile Soccer from Google Play Store.


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PES 2018PES 2018 is the latest of the football game series and comes with great features like Real Touch ball control, improved passing, and other techniques. Teams like Barcelona, Madrid, and Arsenal also came fully Licensed on it.

With total control given to players on every action on the pitch, fully optimized controls and smooth gameplay, this game is definitely one of the football games you need to give a try.
Apart from the usual classic control, available are virtual pad controls that enhance the accurate shooting and passing which are features of the special “Advanced” controls provided in the game.

Download PES2018 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER from Google Play Store.


dream league soccer 2018This is one of the most popular football game and was recently acknowledged as one of the most played games to date. It is an equally amazing game where you get to build the greatest football team based on your preference. You get to build your own stadium, recruit the game’s licensed superstars to your team and lead your team to glory by achieving victories in every competition.

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To me, the game is quite easy to play, the opposing teams are always easy on you whatever level of difficulty you are playing. But as easy as it is, netting a goal is difficult as you will be getting more of a “Goal Kick” than the actual “Goal!”. It will take a while to catch up on levelling the direction of a shot towards a goal. You need to get the game to understand what I mean.

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Download Dream League Soccer 2018 from Google Play Store.


score hero appScore! Hero was developed by First Touch Studio and it is very much unlike other soccer games. The method of playing is quite different as instead of having control a whole team at once, you get to control a player. Also, you may not get to play an entire match but participate in a number of key plays in a match. Sometimes, you may even be on the bench and not play at all for the whole 90 minutes.

The basic idea of the game is to complete a certain number of levels which is about 500. In every level, you need to get a required number of stars by scoring a goal or making a good assist before you can clear off to the next level.

The good news is even if your battery gets so low and eventually drop dead, you don’t need to worry about starting all over again. The game stores your progress and you can continue from where you left when your battery is charged.

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The game is not played by clicking or tapping on any buttons on the screen but rather swiping the ball from one direction to another across the pitch.

Download Score Hero for Android From Google Play Store.


SCORE WORLD GOALSScore! World Goals is an interesting game where you just need to imitate one of the most popular goals in football history. The popular goals like the one scored by Argentina against Nigeria in 1994 by star player Diego Maradona game are presented to you on a map.

This map displays the type of goal you need to score or imitate. If you successfully imitates the right steps and chose the correct line to score as was shown on the map, you will be able to move to the next level (that is if your goal is considered original).

Get Score World Goals 2018 Android Apk.


Street Soccer 2018 features an impressive 3D players and a clear immersive sound. Just like most other street soccer games, the rules are relaxed and is played in freestyle.

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The game is started with passes from the centre of the field and from there you can dribble your way through the opposition to get a clear chance to net the ball. The game has a training mode where you can practice to get familiar with before going out to friendly matches and knock out tournaments.

Download Street Soccer 2018 from Google Play Store.


real footballThe football game is as real as it could get in Real Football. A stunning 3D visuals, detailed textures, real looking stadiums and spectators are all that gives this game’s players an ever amazing experience and feeling of excitement.

The game is direct and simple. You can do plenty of things which range from adjusting the power of your passes and shots to manually making substitutions of players yourself.
You can select your favourite team from the list of both national teams and local clubs provided.

As if all that is not enough, you can also upgrade hospitals, stadiums, youth camps and other facilities of your team.

Download Real Football from Google Play Store.


FOOTBALL PLAYERS FIGHT SOCCERThis is the final game on our list. It is a unique game in the sense that it is more of fighting than football playing.

This game developed by Bambo Studio is a game where two players engage and fight each other on the football pitch. Players try to knock out other opponents with punches and kicks without the fear of receiving a red card.The absence of a referee gives you the chance to feel all the action on the pitch.

You can select the most aggressive football players you know to help you win a tournament.

Get Football Players Fight Soccer from Google Play Store.

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That sets my list of the Best football games For Android to a conclusion. If you happen to have played any other great soccer game which I don’t have here, please share in the comment box below.

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