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This User Bought A Fake Infinix Note 2 LTE From Emeka Offor Plaza In Onitsha [See Picture]

Here's how to detect a fake Infinix Note 2 LTE and also see the differences between original and fake Infinix Note 2 LTE below;

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This post contains a story of a user who bought a fake Infinix Note 2 LTE from Emeka Offor Plaza in Onitsha [See Picture] | How to detect a fake Infinix Note 2 LTE, see differences between a fake and original Infinix Note 2 LTE.

I was reading through the phone section on Nairaland when I landed on a post shared by a Nairalander about him buying a purported fake Infinix Note 2 LTE device.

Even after we’ve regularly warned users on how to detect a fake Android device, I was surprised to discover some Nigerians still fall for this and end up like him.

His story might as well be a lesson for you, just read through this message he shared below… I feel for him already because I own an original Infinix Note 2 LTE phone.

Message from the user

For ages I’ve been waiting for the online price of infinix note phones to drop but it seems stagnant. and i ran out of patience when I saw exact infinix note 2 Lte offline at a cheaper price. A spirit lead me there and before I could snap a finger,i already bought the infinix note 2 Lte offline, but I fear it is the fake one because of the following reasons:

  • It’s not fast and can be extremely slow when using Facebook app.
  • 4G displays permanently on the double sim network bar provided you insert your sim and when you check the available network modes you only see WCM..bla bla ,3G and Auto.. No 4G! 
  • The charging was fast but the notification led did not display at all.
  • On dialing *#06#, the imei number I saw was different from the ones I saw on the back of the phone 
  • Finally I just can’t find the option to switch to front camera.. 

Guys anyone with an original infinix note 2 Lte should please clear the air for me before I go mad!! 

A response from another Nairaland reader

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Bro before anything else.. I am an ex-corper I just found out that @ Onitsha they sell the clones.. I make use of an original infinix x600 bought from slot.. now,

Here’s how to spot a clone Infinix Note 2 LTE device (hardware wise).

  1. The USB port of an original infinix note 2 should be below the screen not above.
  2. The front camera of the original note 2, should be on the left corner of the phone’s front screen. 
  3. As well as the sensor. 
  4. An original note 2 isn’t bulky. it’s somewhat light. 
  5. Open the back of the phone the original non removable battery should be 4000mAh battery power, not 4040 mah inscribed on it like the clone. 
  6. Again locate the SIM slots, they should be directly opposite each other while the memory card slot should be above the SIM 2slot.

Fake Infinix Note 2 LTE vs Original Infinix Note 2 LTE

Here are screenshots taken on the fake Infinix Note 2 LTE vs Original Infinix Note 2 LTE after installing CPU-Z..

Note: The one with red marks is fake (clone) while the one with green is its original.

Fake Infinix Note 2 LTE is powered by cortex instead of Mediatek | Fake vs Original Infinix Note 2 LTE – CPU-Z

Fake Note 2 LTE has 447MB total RAM while it’s original have 1927MB (2GB) | Fake vs Original Infinix Note 2 LTE – CPU-Z

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Battery status showing Discharging on fake but Not Charging on the original | Fake vs Original Infinix Note 2 LTE – CPU-Z

In my humble opinion;

These are strong signals to those of you ignorant, stubborn and impatient folks. Don’t be in a rush for cheap phones, remember this; CHEAP ISN’T CHEAP! I know we’ve for once fallen in the hands of scammers and I’m not a friend of fraudsters. I won’t blame that young man completely but the Nigerian government that has given these clone phones cheap entry into the mobile markets.

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Please be careful when you want to buy a new Android device, there are certainly many fake phones around, a perfect a clone of the original, not easily noticeable but you can quickly spot fake when you follow the tips shared by the Nairaland user above.

Yet another last warning!!!

People in Enugu, please be wary of Emeka Offer Plaza In Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria. They are verified sellers of clone Android device.

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