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How To Generate BB10 IMEI On Android & BB10 IMEI Samples

Checkout how to generate Blackberry10 (BB10) IMEI on Android [DIY] and list of BB10 IMEI samples.

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This post contains how to generate BB10 IMEI on Android [DIY] | See how to generate blackberry 10 IMEI for Android, Get list of BB10 IMEI samples.

IMEI cloning or tweaking is popular among Android users and the tech know-how is very easy if you follow Naijaknowhow guide on how to change any MTK Android IMEI.

To have landed on this page, am sure you’re searching for how to generate BB10 IMEI for the purpose of tweaking your Android phone to be able to use Airtel blackberry 10 subscription on it or you’re using it for other purposes I can’t tell.

Let’s see how to generate Blackberry 10 IMEI directly on our own below..

How to Generate BB10 IMEI

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To generate BB10 IMEI, follow the guide below;

Step 1

Generate BB10 IMEI for your MTK IMEI with the Blackberry 10 IMEI below;  356760051192***  (Randomly add any three digits to it.)

Step 2

Visit www.imei-number.com/imei-validation-check to validate IMEI, and type input the above 12 digits IMEI Number, e.g 356760051192 (not compulsory, I skip this step myself)

Step 3

Add your preferred 3 digits to the already known 12 digits making 15 digits e.g 356760051192711, then click on Validate IMEI to validate the IMEI.

Step 4

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If the random digit you choose is correct, it will display IMEI number is valid but if on a contrary, it will display IMEI number is not valid! (not compulsory, I skip this step myself)

Step 5

Flash IMEI using this universal methods of changing IMEI on MTK Android device, and enjoy blackberry plan on Android.

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Generate blackberry IMEI | BB10 & BB7 IMEI Samples
BB10 & BB7 IMEI Samples | Change last three digits to any number of your choice.

Blackberry 10 IMEI Samples

If you can’t generate IMEI by yourself or the steps above are rigorous, simply skip and use any of the IMEIs below;

  • 356760051192617
  • 356760051192618
  • 356760051192619
  • 356760051192820
  • 356760051192821
  • 356760051192822
  • 356760051192923
  • 356760051192924
  • 356760051192717
  • 356760051192817

In conclusion:

I want to believe the methods shared above are enough to help you generate BB10 IMEI on your own. If after this, you are too lazy to use any of the methods or application above to generate IMEI, please request using the comment box or follow tip on the picture above or use any of the following Blackberry 10 IMEI samples above!

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