How To Cancel Auto-renewal On Glo Data Plan (Code)

This article contains how to stop or cancel Auto-renewal on GLO data plan. Slide down to get code used to disable GLO data auto-renewal directly on your phone.

how to cancel glo data autorenewal

Have you been looking for ways to cancel auto-renewal on Glo network?

Here’s the perfect post for you!

Sometimes, automatic data renewal can be so annoying, especially when your airtime credit was deducted without any notification.

A lot of people sees this as fraud but Glo has explained how useful enabling automatic renewal can be. The fact that you get double the size of your original Glo data plan is one of the benefits of enabling this feature.


That’s the benefits but I’m sure many of you still don’t find it friendly whatsoever.


When posed with such data auto-renewal situation, you don’t have to panic.

Glo has also provided you with a way to disable/stop your active Glo data auto-renewal using a simple SMS code on your mobile device.

So, let us get cancelling.

How To Stop / Cancel Auto-renewal On Glo Data Plan (Code)


To disable data automatic renewal on your phone, you should follow the steps below;

  • Navigate to message » Type and send ‘CANCEL’ to 127 while the plan is still ACTIVE » You will get a response showing that you’ve successfully opted out of Glo data auto-renewal.

That’s basically how to disable or cancel auto-renewal on Glo using that simple method.

However, if this method isn’t working for you, then you should consider calling Glo customer care line “121” for complaints.

If you have any questions about this, you can drop a comment using the comment box below.

That should be it.

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  1. Pls my number is 08054349002,help me and remove my number from auto renewal. Thanks, I have tried calling no way

  2. Glo I swear if my money is deducted again for unsolicited auto renewal, I would break this line. This is not fair now!!!!!. I would want to load #2500 for Glo yakata before you know it , they will automatically subscribe for 1000 making it difficult for me to do what I want to do. The most annoying part is that when you send Cancel to 127, they will tell you that your current plan can not be auto renewed. Also you can’t check your balance using simple code like other networks. You guys should come up to speed oooo

  3. Pls I’ve been trying to opt out from my weekly subscription I want to do monthly subscription Nd it’s not going through,I’ve sent cancel to 127 the message is not delivering

  4. For God sake can someone help me and tell glo networks it what ever their name is to counsel this auto renew from my phone, I called their customer care center they told me to type COUNSEL in a capital letters and send it to 127 which I did for like one million times still they kept wiping my all my Airtime I later called them again to help me COUNSEL it there since mine is not working out, they said it not their work that I should call 444 to help me do that, Whichi I did 444 customer service send me to I am here now nothing shows how to counsel the auto renew….
    I said again Can someone tell glo network to counsel this auto renew from my phone before I swear for them ??? before I send AMADIOHA to them, what is the meaning of all this nonsense now, I can’t even make calls again with my number immediately I recharge to make an appointment call the next seconds they will wipe all my chargers.

    Let me see any animals that will come and tell me that Glo network is the best let Thunder fire that person nonsense and unuseful network…. Mtchewwwwwwww

  5. This country has a poor way of rendering services that can be so questioning. It’s also annoying to the core. How can a network with professional bodies serving mill8ons of people be so heartless and cheap. They serve like low lives and hungry workers who survive by ones airtime.

  6. Comment:i still have data bundle but i don’t wants it to be cancelled if i eventually stops auto renewal, how will i go about it stopping the auto renewal without my data vanishing

  7. I have sent cancel both in small and capital letters several times but to no avail why? Please help me cancel it on this no 08112264779

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