How To Cancel Auto-renewal On 9Mobile (Etisalat) Data Plan (Code)

This article contains how to stop or cancel Auto-renewal on 9Mobile data plan. Slide down to get code used to disable 9Mobile data auto-renewal directly on your phone.

9Mobile Telecom Nigeria

This article contains how to cancel auto-renewal on 9Mobile data plans.

9Mobile MoreBlaze data plans allow you to enjoy fast and seamless internet at a moderate price.

Sadly, what a lot don’t know is, these data packages are automatically set to auto-renew.

And I believe you know what happens when your data is renewed without prior permission? Unwanted credit deduction when you recharge!

Annoying right?

I’m not saying data auto-renewal is a complete bad idea.

In fact, Glo Nigeria offers your more data upon activating auto-renewal on their data bundles. So you don’t need to opt out of it.

But nevertheless, I cant hide my resentment for uninformed renewal. I’m just as annoyed as you are and that’s basically why I’m sharing this useful article.

The information below will reveal how to opt-out, cancel or deactivate autorenewal on all 9Mobile data plan.

How To Deactivate Or Cancel Auto-renewal On 9Mobile Data Plan (USSD CODE)


Here’s how to cancel data auto-renewal on 9Mobile data plans.

That’s it.

The code you just saw will help you to permanently opt-out of 9Mobile Data Plan automatic renewal.

Have you tried that code?

Did it not work for you?

Either way, you can simply share your comment using the comment box below to let others know if it worked out not.

Want to cancel auto-renewal on other networks in Nigeria?

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