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How to Stop or Cancel Auto-Renewal on MTN Data Plan

MTN has provided a way to put a stop to the automatic renewal of your data plans. Here's how to opt out or cancel auto-renewal on MTN. Learn more!

MTN in Nigeria brings to you amazing data bundles that help you to stay connected, they have a collection of data plans – daily, weeklymonthly and night plans for those who love midnight browsing. While we choose to stay automatically connected, there are some of us who are tired and wants to opt-out of the current data plan. In this post on Naijaknowhow, I’ll share with you everything you need to know on how to cancel auto-renewal on MTN with a simple code.

Just like 9mobile, Glo and Airtel, MTN has provided what you need to put a complete halt to the automatic renewal of your data plans, with this code, you’re simply telling MTN not to renew your data without your letting you know about it.

Without further ado, let’s delve right into this article. Here’s everything you need to know on how to stop or cancel MTN auto-renewal by yourself.


Here’s How to Stop or Cancel Auto-Renewal on MTN

There are basically four ways you can cancel the renewal of your MTN data plan, they include the USSD code method, myMTN App method, MTN Smart Web and Calling 180 (Call Centre Number). Let get started!

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Method 1: Cancel Auto-Renewal via USSD Code

To stop your data from automatically renewing, simply…

  • Dial *131*1*9*3# >> reply with the number option of the bundle > then reply with 1 to proceed.
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Method 2: Cancel Auto-Renewal via myMTN App

myMTN App works on both Android and iOS devices, you can install the application through the links below:

Developer: MTN
Price: Free

Developer: MTN
Price: Free

After downloading and installing, simply follow the steps to stop your data from automatically renewing, simply…

  • Open the myMTN app >> Phone Number >> My Subscriptions >> Toggle off Auto Renewal >> Turn Off.

Method 3: Cancel Auto-Renewal via MTN Smart Web

Another smart way to stop your internet data bundle from automatically renewing is to visit the https://mymtn.com.ng/login portal. Carefully follow the steps below.

  • Visit MTN Smart Web >> Phone Number >> OTP >> My Subscription >> data bundle >> toggle off the Auto Renewal button.

Method 4: Cancel Auto-Renewal via 180 (Call Centre Number)

You can also stop auto-renewal by calling the MTN Call Centre Number, to do that simply dial 180 then follow the steps below.

  • Press 1 English (or select other numbers for your preferred language), if you’ve already done this before, simply ignore and Press >> 1 >> 2 >> then 2 to cancel your data autorenewal.


Like every other network, MTN allows you to cancel data auto-renewal by using any of the methods above. If you’re curious to know how to cancel autorenewal on Glo, stop auto-renewal on 9mobile or perhaps other networks in Nigeria, then simply click the hyperlinked texts.

There you go! If you have questions or clarifications, you can ask through the comment box below. Also, don’t forget to support us by sharing this article on your social media pages via the social share buttons below. Thanks for reading!

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