Tricycle Ride-hailing Platform, OTrike Unveiled By Opay in Nigeria

Opera launches a tricycle ride-hailing platform, OTrike for Nigerian users. Keke maruwa can now be ordered by users through Opay app.


Still penetrating the Nigerian ecosystem with ORide, Opera launches a tricycle ride-hailing platform, OTrike for Nigerian users. Tricycle, popularly known as keke maruwa can now be ordered by users in Nigeria once they have the Opay app on their smartphones.

Opera launched the Opay app in Nigeria as their dive into the Fintech sector. Ever since then, it has been a success story. From OPay to Oride to Ofood and most recently, OTrike. That’s the extent of Opera’s involvement in the tech atmosphere of Nigeria.

As a fresh service, it is currently rendered in Aba, the Eastern part of Nigeria. Similar to Oride, it comes with discounts for your first few trips. Trips that cost NGN400 will enjoy discounts of 95%, hence you’ll pay NGN20. However, for private trips, the payable amount will increase to NGN50. That’s super cheap if you’ll ask me. The discount rates are limited to this month alone though.

Bear in mind that OTrike’s service can be accessed from the smartphone just like the ORide and OFood. Once your trip is completed, you can choose to either pay cash or from the OWallet like you’re performing every other transaction.

More so, this is the third Nigerian city Opera will be penetrating with their transport solutions. First Lagos, then Ibadan and now Aba. It’s only time before their transport solutions will extend to other cities/states in Nigeria. By the way, there’s no precise timing about when OTrike will extend to other states.

Meanwhile, the Oride is currently gaining traction among Nigerians as their NGN50 per trip promo for the first five trips as a new user is making waves. Also, old users can takes rides throughout the month of August at the cost of NGN100 per ride to any destination less than NGN2000 worth.

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