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Andromium OS (BETA) Turns Your Android Device To A PC

An app that allows you to switch your Android device to look like a PC in a single click.

Have you ever seen how far you can go with tweaking your Android device? This is why I’m so in love with Android OS, Google Android is an open source that allows users to tweak the OS to what they wish, and yeah Andromium OS is an app that allows you to transform your Android phone into a full function computer.

Andromium OS in details

Andromium OS is an Android app that turns your android device into a fully functional computer by attaching your device to TV/Monitor and Keyboard and Mouse.See images below

It doesn’t require rooting whatsoever and it’s best suited for large screen devices such as tablets and pads.

NOTE: You have to take note that this app called Andromium OS is still in its Beta stage and currently out for a LIMITED TIME for the public.

Download Link

Try this app let us know what you think about it, I quickly tried it out on my 6″ smartphone, very sweet I must tell you, especially if you’re using a larger screen. Give it a shot let’s know, no harm in trial..and don’t be scared your device won’t brick!!!

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