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VideoProc First Impression, Best DJI 4K Video Editor Review

VideoProc is an easy to use video editor and also a good DJI Video Editor, this software allows you to edit any kind of video. Let’s delve deeper as we explore everything you should know about this unique video processing and 4K video editing tool called VideoProc.

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VideoProc at the moment is the finest video editor software for Windows and Mac OS, if you’re looking for a video editing software that will meet your demands, then you have come across the right software, it has a lot to offer and it features are mind-blowing.

VideoProc is an easy to use video editor and also a good DJI Video Editor, this software allows you to edit any kind of video, and you can easily edit 4K videos, edit large videos and many more.

Let’s delve deeper as we explore everything you should know about this unique video processing and 4K video editing tool called VideoProc.

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About VideoProc

VideoProc is a 4K video editing software developed to allow you to edit 4K large sized videos easily, it has some of the most advanced features you will find on top video editors like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. This video editor does the unthinkable, and so far it is the only software that allows the editing of 4K videos in the best possible ways, even on a low-end PC, this software will make use of your GPU and accelerate video compressing and splitting.

If you use DJI drones for video shooting or any video recording related activities, you can tell its never easy editing its 4K videos, and since the discontinuation of GoPro Studio, everyone is looking for a better alternative to edit 4K videos from DJI.

DJI 4K videos are always large, and even the DJI free apps aren’t capable of handling heavy videos and doesn’t support 4K video editing, to split DJI Video, you need a strong video editing software, and at the moment the best candidate for that is VideoProc.

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VideoProc Features

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You might be curious to know the features you’ll find on VideoProc, and I can tell you it has a lot of features that will blow your mind, it has all the features you need from a contemporary 4K video editing software.

Cut, Crop, Merge

These are some of the features I like from VideoProc, you can easily shorten videos that seems too long, add videos together by merging, and there is also the subtitle option that’ll allow you to add texts to each line in a video.

Easy To Use

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The big difference between VideoProc and other video editing software is that VideoProc doesn’t require any special tutorial before you can use it, even as a newbie you will get your way around VideoProc, it is user-friendly.

Large Video Processing

When it comes to handling large videos like MP4, HEVC, M2TS, MKV, 4K 30 / 60 / 120 / 240 fps videos in HEVC, H.264, VideoProc is the only software you can trust to handle these video formats for you, you can work on any video format and still get the same quality it had before you edited it.

Full GPU Acceleration

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VideoProc so far is the only video editor that doesn’t perform based on your GPU, if you’re running on a low-end pc with processors like Intel QSV, NVIDIA, AMD, VideoProc will make take charge of these processors and process your videos without lagging or crashing unexpectedly.

Watch the YouTube video on how GPU acceleration speed up the DJI 4K video editing;

Powerful Video & Audio Tool

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As I said earlier, VideoProc handles any type of video quality and it uses its advanced features to process them, you can also use VideoProc to process audio files too, you can make changes to an audio file by increasing its quality. There are tons of features you will find on VideoProc, the more time you spend on it, the more you get to realize its so far the best you’ve come across.

VideoProc Editor

Why You Should Get VideoProc

There are some reasons why you should get VideoProc and some of these reasons you won’t find them around Adobe Premiere CC or Sony Vegas.

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  • It doesn’t freeze when you play large size DJI 4K videos on computers with an old processor when you shoot large size videos like 4K or 1080p, it handles them with ease and won’t lag.
  • VideoProc is cheap and comes at a considerable price, and if you would buy now, you will get 65% off the original price, and it’s a lifetime purchase. Check VideoProc discount.
  • VideoProc is very easy to use, your first experience on it will seem like you’ve been using it for long, every steps and feature you need are right in front of you.
  • You will be able to convert any video or audio files to any video formats, with 370 input codecs, 420+ output formats
  • VideoProc also serves as a downloader, with it you can download music or videos directly from youtube, facebook or any live streaming site, this feature is rare in video editing software
  • You can also record your screen with VideoProc, it has its dedicated screen recorder, and you can make recordings of your work. VideoProc recorder records with quality.
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VideoProc is the perfect 4K video editing software you need right now, I edit videos sometimes but I’ve never used a video editing software like this, my tasks were performed easily and the outcome is quite amazing. Though this is a short review about VideoProc and I will share my test in the next article, it’s not bad if you get one for yourself and see what this video editing software offers. I’m sure after a trial test, you will purchase VideoProc, it’s an amazing video editing software with awesome feature.

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