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Vivo Launches Its 4th-gen In-Display Technology

Vivo has unveiled the latest piece of technology in their arsenal - the 4th-gen In-Display technology

Smartphone giant, Vivo has unveiled the latest piece of technology in their arsenal – the 4th-gen In-Display technology that will accompany their under display fingerprint scanners in subsequent smartphones.

This was revealed in a conference in the OEM’s home country, China. Alongside the 4th-gen In-Display technology, the company in association with Qualcomm also pull the wraps off another new technology¬† – DSP Acceleration.

The new In-Display technology is slated to unlock Vivo smartphones 40% quicker than other under display fingerprints on previously released Vivo phones. As a result of this, under display fingerprint sensors with this technology will unlock at a fast speed of 0.35secs. In well lit as well as bright light conditions, the technology will cause the scanner to unlock at an even faster rate.

Actually, the 4th-gen In-Display technology is already present in the Vivo X23, a smartphone with an under display fingerprint as well as 8GB RAM. The lesser generation of the In-Display technology (3rd-gen) was implemented in the Vivo V11, another smartphone with under display fingerprint.

Meanwhile, the result of Vivo’s collaboration with Qualcomm, that is, the DSP Acceleration technology ensures that the under display scanner works quicker and better while still presenting top notch security level.

The DSP causes the fingerprint data to be processed three times faster and secure than when the CPU alone handles the fingerprint data processing. This DSP technology will work with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 SoC. Vivo’s Vivo X23 will receive the DSP Acceleration technology once OTA update is rolled out October.

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With regards to under display fingerprint technology, Vivo is planning to take the number one spot as they have released a handful of smartphones with the technology. Asides from the Vivo X23 and Vivo V11 (also known as Vivo V11 Pro) featuring under display scanner, Vivo also has Vivo X21 UD which happens to be the OEM’s first smartphone with In-Display technology.

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