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This Is What Happens if You Don’t Accept the New Privacy Policy on WhatsApp!

WhatsApp made people surprised and scared by the change in its privacy policy. Here is what happens if you don't accept the new policy.

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In January, WhatsApp made many people surprised and scared by the change in its privacy policy which forced users to share their data with Facebook for advertising.

As a result, many users decided to move to other applications such as Telegram to Signal which forced WhatsApp to have to step in and provide education to its users.

Currently, WhatsApp has decided to postpone this policy change to the next 15 May 2021 from the 8 February.

Well, recently WhatsApp also provided an explanation regarding what would happen if WhatsApp users did not agree to this privacy policy change until May 15th.

It is stated that users who disagree can still use WhatsApp and can still receive calls and notifications. However, these users will not be able to read or write messages through the application again.

In addition, accounts that have not been used for more than 120 days will also be deleted and counted as users who do not agree to the new rules from WhatsApp and choose to leave the service.

What do you think, will you still agree with the privacy policy or choose to reject it and move to another online messaging application? Write in the comments, guys!

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