What You Should & Should Not Bring To Exam Centre (Must Read)

List of things you should never bring to a JAMB or UTME exam centre

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Here are a list of what You Should & Should Not Bring To Exam Centre. List of items you should bring to bring JAMB exam, list of items you should not bring along with you to UTME exam hall.

UTMEis here again, 2015 jamb examination is to start soon, Here are lists of things you should bring and not bring to the examination hall.

List of things you should & should not bring to exam centre | UTME/JAMB

Obey these instructions as stipulated by Jamb!!!

1. UTME is CBT so do not bring any writing material to the Examination Centre.

2. If at all there are need for writing materials, materials such as Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener and Calculator will be issued to you at the Examination Centre.

3. You must bring your e-Slip along with you to the Examination Centre (very important)

4. Bring only the original copy of the e-slip to the Examination Centre and submit it to the Invigilator. You are advised to keep a copy of the e-SLIP for reference purposes.

5. Your Biometric (Thumbprints) Verification is COMPULSORY at the Examination Centre. You MUST thumbprint by yourself.

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Success is yours this year, wish you the best in your examination and Goodluck!

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