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WhatsApp Business Is Now Available For iOS, Though Still In Beta

After launching for Android devices in 2018 then, WhatsApp Business is now available for iOS users, even though it's still in beta. Learn more!

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After launching for Android devices in 2018 then, WhatsApp Business is now available for iOS users, even though it’s still in beta.

The function of WhatsApp Business is the same as the standard WhatsApp, it’s just equipped with several features to support the business.

Because it is still in beta, only a handful of people can try WhatsApp Business on iOS.

“After the launch of WhatsApp Business for Android, many are asking about support on iOS. We don’t know why WhatsApp prioritizes Android, maybe because there are more users there,” WABetaInfo wrote.

“However, now we are pleased to announce that the iOS version is finally available in beta,” added a special site to explore and indulge the features that WhatsApp is developing.

Interested users must join the beta program through the ‘TestFlight’ page. But, for now, the quota is full, so those who have not had the opportunity must wait until WhatsApp Business on iOS is officially opened.

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WhatsApp Business for iOS Features

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Like the Android version, WhatsApp Business for iOS has features that make it easier for large businesses or MSMEs to interact with their customers.

Business people can set up automatic replies to similar questions raised by customers. Automatic messaging can also be arranged to welcome new customers or existing customers who have not actively interacted in 14 days.

In addition, businesses can also see the statistics of sent messages and messages received by each customer. Thus, setting the flow of interactions to customers can be adjusted, not too rarely and not too often.

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Some other features that also distinguish WhatsApp Business and the standard version are the addition of home and office telephone numbers, selection of business categories, and a green check mark for verified accounts.

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Businesses who want to create an account on WhatsApp Business must agree to all the ‘Terms and Conditions‘ set. WhatsApp will then ask whether the business person wants to move the chat track record from standard WhatsApp to the Business version.

If the business person chooses that option, then all chat from the standard WhatsApp will be deleted and transferred to the Business account. Business people also automatically log out from a standard WhatsApp account.

There is a middle ground if business people still want to maintain their personal accounts. Businesses can use two different numbers, one for standard WhatsApp and the other for Business accounts.

Unfortunately, it is still unclear when WhatsApp Business for iOS is officially available. We just wait together.

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