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Sorry Blackberry, No More WhatsApp After Dec 31, 2016

BlackBerry phones and supports days for WhatsApp are numbered, I could remember vividly arguing with a friend that I was never going to use a BlackBerry phone, this was due to my vehement love for Nokia symbian phones.

We argued vigorously on which device is “King”, I said to him symbian phones are easily tweaked and for that reason alone, i fell in love with it. Unlike these then BlackBerry phones, they are not so tweakable for FBT, PSP Games and more. Summary is; I can’t use a very rigid phone not flexible like Android.

WhatsApp On BlackBerry Support Stopped

Anyway, the story has ended here for all BlackBerry 7 & 10 users as WhatsApp had already denounced her partnership withthese devices. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use WhatsApp on these phones as WhatsApp will no longer support on Blackberry phones.

Here is a screenshot of a warning message popped up on a friend’s BlackBerry Q10 phone, asking to switch to a supported device, which literally means that you should go and purchase a new phone on or before Dec 31, 2016.

Now that Facebook, WhatsApp has denouced support on Blackberry device, lets wait and see how many more apps shall discontinue their partnership with BlackBerry.

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  1. I need to reinstall whatsapp on my BlackBerry which I had installed through your website. Please send me the link as my whatsapp got deleted somehow

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