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Windows 10 Get the New Touch Keyboard with More Features!

Updates that are more specific to tablet devices.

Microsoft is known to be rolling out a new update for its Windows 10 operating system. Reportedly this update is more focused on bringing features that are widely used on laptops and touch screen tablets running Windows 10.

It is known that one of the updates presented is an update for the Touch Keyboard. Yes, Microsoft has brought a keyboard from Windows 10X to Windows 10 with a new, simpler and more minimalist design.

Emoji and GIF Picker features in Windows 10 (photo / Microsoft via. The Verge)
Cursor support with spacebar in Windows 10 (photo / Microsoft via. The Verge)

There is also a new Emoji and GIF panels which now also appear with a new design. Especially on the Touch Keyboard, later users can find a collection of GIFs and Emojis just above the keyboard, just like the keyboard on iOS and Android.

In addition to presenting updates in terms of keyboards as well as Emoji and GIFs, Microsoft is currently also improving their Windows Voice Typing feature so that the text transcription of the audio that will be produced is clearer and also more precise.

Voice Typing Feature in Windows 10 (photo / Microsoft via. The Verge)

Even Microsoft itself promises this feature will bring the best voice typing experience on the Windows operating system for now.

Currently, these features are entering the testing process by Microsoft at Windows Insiders this week, although not all Windows Insider users will get the update. However, it plans to release this update globally in the first half of 2021.

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