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Xiaomi Promises, Will Reduce Ads in MIUI

Xiaomi finally promised to fix advertisements in MIUI. In fact, the technology giant from China promised to reduce the number of ads. Learn more!

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One of the most disturbing things about Xiaomi’s MIUI is the existence of advertisements. Not infrequently this ad appears suddenly in the form of pop-ups or appears in certain settings menus.

As a result, the existence of advertisements on MIUI is often complained of by Xiaomi smartphone users.

Responding to the complaint, Xiaomi finally promised to start fixing advertisements at MIUI. In fact, the technology giant from China promised to reduce the number of ads that appear on the MIUI interface.

This was stated by one of the Xiaomi officials involved in the development of MIUI. In a post on Weibo social network, he mentioned a number of points being addressed by Xiaomi to provide comfort to MIUI users.

In this post, Xiaomi Product Director said that the company had reduced the number of ad spots in MIUI and would continue to make reductions in the next two months.


He also ensures that there will be no vulgar ads displayed to users, especially those that appear on the notification bar.

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“The MIUI browser application will show fewer ads in the next two to three months,” he said.

Not only reducing the number of advertisements, Xiaomi also promised to make it easier for users to control the ads displayed. Xiaomi will make it easier for users to find ad controls on MIUI and the settings menu.

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“All advertisements will be clearly given to the user and the user can suspend or close the ads that appear,” Xioami continued.

Even so, it does not mean that the existence of advertisements will be completely lost from MIUI. Xiaomi only reduced the number of ad placements available at MIUI.

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Until now, the presence of advertisements on the MIUI interface is still often complained by users. To get rid of these ads, users usually switch to using third-party ROMs.

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