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Top 5 Apps to Track an iPhone by Phone Number

Hacking iPhones is not only achievable now but also can be done easily using the iPhone’s phone number. So here are 5 best ways to do that.

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Nowadays, frauds and double-dealings are all around us. And that too of different kinds. Some people are in fear of being deceived by sweetheart while some fear that their children might be getting out of their hands.

In all such cases, tracking and spying have become the absolute needs because otherwise, people would have simply no way to check on someone. And the best way to do so is to keep an eye on their mobile phones as cellphones are the ones having full knowledge about them.

And if you are worried that the person you want to check on owns an iPhone which is nearly impossible to track as it is considered as the most secure handset in the world, then you can definitely relax now. With the new and advancing innovations iPhones too can be tracked and one can get all data out of an iPhone.

If you are stressing over the thought that you just have the phone number of that iPhone and nothing else, then it is time to say goodbye to these thoughts. Gone are the days when iPhones claimed that no one could get through them. Hacking iPhones is not only achievable now but also can be done easily and conveniently using the iPhone’s phone number. So here are 5 effective ways to do that.

Part 1: Minspy – The First-class iPhone Tracker

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At the point when we are discussing the best iPhone trackers out there, it is hard not to begin with Minspy. With Minspy, you can track an iPhone by phone number quite effectively. Minspy is a cellphone following application that can accomplish a great deal even beyond phone following.


Minspy is intended to give tracking arrangements for both Android telephones just as iPhones. Be that as it may, for this guide, I will just concentrate on Minspy’s iPhone tracker.

With regards to following the area of iPhones, Minspy doesn’t ask you to jailbreak the objective iPhone so as to work. Minspy’s iPhone following arrangements can, truth be told, give you anybody’s iPhone live area while never requesting that you contact their iPhone even once.

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There are very few applications that can offer you a mystery iPhone following without the need to jailbreak the objective iPhone or access it even once. This is the reason Minspy stands apart from the horde of other fair iPhone trackers.

Here are a portion of different things that make Minspy simply the best iPhone following application out there in the tracking and spying industry.

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Advantages of Minspy iPhone Tracker

It isn’t just about giving a working application arrangement that makes Minspy the most perfectly awesome iPhone tracker out there. Minspy has a blend of these highlights that make it stand apart from the remainder of the applications.


Mystery iPhone Tracker
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In the event that you need an iPhone tracker that can give you somebody’s area 24×7 without them getting even a hint, essentially searching for an application in your App Store won’t generally provide it.

There are not really a great many applications that can offer you mystery iPhone following, yet Minspy does it effortlessly. Regardless of the amount you use Minspy, the other client will never discover that you are following them.

No Jailbreaking Required

There are, without a doubt, a couple of applications that offer iPhone following covertly. In any case, the majority of these mystery iPhone trackers ask you to first jailbreak the objective iPhone so as to work. However, Minspy can offer you a mystery iPhone following without the need to jailbreak the objective iPhone.

Web Application

You won’t need to introduce the following application on your own telephone or PC so as to follow another iPhone. You can utilize Minspy from any internet browser, with the help of the customized dashboard that Minspy provides you with.

No Technical Expertise Required

You don’t have to have any information on utilizing mystery iPhone following applications preceding utilizing Minspy. Minspy can be utilized by any amateur client as effectively as you are surfing the web to read this article.

Completely Secret iPhone Tracking

At the point when you need to follow an iPhone, Minspy ensures that the other individual doesn’t discover that you are following them. Truth be told, you don’t require any telephone following application on their cellphone for the purpose.


This is on the grounds that Minspy’s iPhone tracker utilizes the iCloud highlight that is available in all iPhones as of now. With the iCloud included, the information of an iPhone gets transferred to the iCloud server as a matter of course.

Minspy utilizes this information reinforcement to get you the live area of the client 24×7. Along these lines, all you have to do to follow an iPhone furtively is to check its iCloud qualifications with Minspy.

Part 2: Spyic

Spyic is a reliable, notable, genuine observing and parental control application. It’s utilized by over a million people in 190+ nations. The client base comprises guardians, managers, and individuals monitoring their friends and family.


It tends to be set up remotely. At the point when you’re attempting to follow an iPhone by its telephone number, it accepts that you don’t have the gadget with you. Luckily, dissimilar to other checking applications, Spyic can be set up remotely. You can follow an iPhone even on the opposite side of the globe if necessary.

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Spyic is a bleeding-edge application. The objective person won’t even realize they’re being followed. The application works remotely. Since there’s no product segment, the application can’t be identified.

Part 3: Cocospy

Cocospy is also one of the most mainstream iPhone trackers out there. Truth be told, it is mainstream to such an extent that I have even observed positive surveys about Cocospy in the greatest tech audit outlets out there, for example, Forbes, TechRadar, PCMag, and so on.


And all that great word about Cocospy isn’t simply made out of nowhere. Cocospy offers solid iPhone following arrangements that are extremely useful when the security of somebody you care about is in question. It has a scope of advantages that make it one of the best iPhone following applications.

Part 4: Spyier

A subsequent basic, direct approach to follow an iPhone by the cellphone number is with Spyier. Spyier is a parental control application that is made to screen iOS gadgets remotely. It can be organized remotely within just a couple of minutes.

spyier homepage

You don’t require physical access to the iPhone to set it up. In the event that your telephone has been lost or taken, for instance, you can, in any case, conceivably use Spyier to follow it.

Spyier has been around for quite a while and has gotten outstanding surveys from clients. It offers incredible remote areas following highlights.

Part 5: Spyine

Last on our list but the fifth-best in the entire market is none other than Spyine. With Spyine, you can follow the iPhone’s precise area. You’ll have the option to see the present area on a guide, timestamps, and the location. Spyine likewise monitors past areas too.

If you need to follow an iPhone without insinuating the client, Spyine is your most logical option. The iOS rendition of Spyine is stealthy. It works by connecting to the objective telephone’s iCloud account, so it’s difficult to distinguish.

You shouldn’t be close to the iPhone to either set up Spyine or use it. Spyine permits you to follow the iPhone regardless of where it winds up, including out of the nation.


All the arrangements mentioned above are the top five of all other iPhone spying applications in the spying industry. But Minspy is definitely the ultimate best as it covers the top spot in our list hence you should definitely give it a try. You will definitely love using.

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