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5 Benefits of Online Music Streaming Apps

In this article on Naijaknowhow, we’ll discuss the top 5 benefits of online music streaming apps. Read below to explore!

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Online music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes have changed how music lovers listen to their favourite tunes, and artists upload their music for their dedicated fans. For instance, boosting the number of Spotify followers facilitates musicians in growing their fan base, getting an increased number of streams, and earning more on this platform!

In addition, as a user, you can’t deny the fact that listening to music and even sharing has become quite convenient, along with several other upsides. Therefore, in this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 benefits of online music streaming apps. Read below to explore!

1. Diversity

The best thing about online music streaming apps is that you can find millions of songs. For example, Spotify has over 80 million tracks, which is staggering! You can also play the music that best suits your taste by browsing through a variety of categories like pop music, rock, indie rock, pop rock, pop-punk, independent music, electronica, drill music, and more.

You have endless categories that you can look into to find your favourite tunes, and almost every artist can also be found on top music streaming apps. Furthermore, if you’re a business looking for a music streaming app for your needs, you can also access them by a simple Google search.

2. Allows Personalization

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Before the advent of online music streaming services, it was hard to discover the music of your choice and listen to your favourite tracks. However, digital streaming platforms let you create playlists containing all your favourite songs, so you don’t have to search for them every time you use the app.

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Another great thing is how their algorithm works. As you start searching and listening to songs, your preferences, and tastes are recorded by the app, which then starts recommending relevant tracks. Some apps even automatically create playlists for you that contain your most-played or liked songs.

3. It’s Convenient

Rather than having to pay for every single song or album, you usually have to pay an affordable monthly or yearly subscription fee. Using digital streaming platforms is as easy as signing up for your account. You also don’t have to subscribe to an individual artist to discover tracks of your choice.

Furthermore, instead of creating a mixtape, you can easily share or dedicate a playlist to your family members, friends, or loved ones. All you have to do is share a link on, let’s say, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. All of this brings nothing but convenience!

4. Great Source of Exposure for New Artists

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Back in the day, the biggest barrier to entry for new artists in the music industry was to find a music company or producer who would agree to launch their album. Of course, this also required a substantial amount of money.

However, digital streaming apps have made it a breeze for new artists to independently launch their music and gradually build and grow their audience and fans who absolutely love their style.

5. Encourages People to Pay for Music

With the plethora of benefits that these online music streaming platforms offer, people have become more inclined to pay for music, which wasn’t the case back in the day.

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Previously, people would download pirated music, and this obviously affected artists’ revenue stream. With such benefits, music listeners pay an inexpensive monthly or yearly subscription fee that even encourages artists to come up with more creative tracks.

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