Affiliate Links Are Now Allowed On Pinterest!


People usually go to Pinterest looking for new ideas to try, and the very best ideas come from businesses like mine and yours. Businesses and bloggers need a sustainable way to keep making great content. That’s why they decided to allow affiliate links on Pinterest.

As read on Pinterest blog, they said…“In the past, we removed affiliate links from Pinterest because spammers were abusing them. Now that our spam detection system is so much stronger, we’re ready to allow affiliate links again. To make way for these changes, we’re making minor updates to our acceptable use policy. We’ll start rolling out all affiliate networks today and over the coming weeks.”

This is indeed an opportunity to those that are very regular on Pinterest, you can now pin affiliate links on Pinterest  to earn money when people via these links ends up buying a particle products/services. So therefore, If you use affiliate links on your site, you don’t have to do anything differently, just keep on Pinning as usual.

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