From Hero To Zero, Glo Network Gone Wrong


Let’s rewind time a bit, few months ago, Glo was acclaimed to be the best data serving network in Nigeria, with irresistible wow plans and quite affordable compared to its competitors. The same network provider had saved millions of Nigeria via its vulnerability for we to capitalize on tweaking and using its Glo BIS 3GB for N1400 plan on Android, this plan indeed satisfied countless of businesses and personal needs.

Now, we all clamoured for “where is the Glo we all applauded?” just like we also wailed “Where is the change we all voted for?”

Things have changed so sudden, we don’t know what happened to our beloved Glo NG, it’s experiencing sudden twist and turns. Network instability has been the order of the day. What’s really happening? Does anyone have an explanation to this madness, where is the regulatory body? NCC, we need you to look into this matter for us, there are active data plans, in fact, abandoned active data plans on Glo that are done with our hard-earned savings.

10kb/s on H+???? Jesus Christ!!!!!???

H+(3.75G) broadband is slower than the speed of a snail, sometimes, the network signal disappears and reappears at its own will. Believe you me, am not the only one experiencing this, I’ve received countless calls, people pouring out their grievances which are beyond my power to proffer possible solutions.Glo Network Gone wrong

Glo Network right now is a mess, I won’t advice any serious-minded individual to use their data plans for personal or work purposes. Although, Glo have recently modified it’s Glo N2500 plan, You can now get 5GB for the same amount. Glo must however, understand that the market is saturated, MTN is probably stealing the show right now ahead of Airtel and Etisalat. If this jeopardy isn’t fixed sooner than later, then I fear what the future holds for them.

NKH Readers, Did the network instability affect you, how is the Glo Network internet connection strength like in your locality?


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