This is a quick brief steps on how you should configure your Android device’s settings to enable Glo bis work well with your android device.


1. MTK Engineering Mode (No root) or Mobile Uncle Tool(Needs root).

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2. Blackberry IMEI (Click here to generate a blackberry imei)

3. You must have changed your device’s IMEI (click here to change your imei easily)

4. A registered Glo SIM.

Before proceeding to the steps below, make sure you have acquired the above requirements if you ever intend to use Glo bis on Android.


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The first thing you will do before using Glo BIS on Android is to change the IMEI of your MTK Android phone. I wont be talking much about the here because it’s an egregious procedure and i’ve written about it in this post. Click here to change IMEI (No Root involved)


1. Insert Glo Sim in a blackberry phone (the subscription will be kept pending if you subscribe it on a non blackberry phone)

2. Recharge your Glo Sim with N1400 (1.4k)

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3. Send Comonth to 777 or dial *777*21# and wait to receive confirmation message that you’ve gotten your 3072MB (3GB). (it usually last about an hour or less if you’re subscribing for the first time.) View more Glo blackberry subscriptions here.

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4. Immediately after waiting through the required time just proceed to switching off the Blackberry phone,remove the sim and insert the sim inside your android. (You can as well verify its been activated before removing the Sim from the BB)

NOTE: if you didn’t get an approval message after inserting the sim into your Android phone, remove and slot it back into blackberry device and await approval.

5. To check Data balance on Glo Bis dial *777*0#


1. Goto Settings > Mobile network > Access point > Glo NG > Configure your Android’s APN as seen below…

  • Name: GLO NG
  • APN:
  • APN TYPE: default, supl

2. Set your preferred network to 3G only (reduces battery life) to enable a faster internet speed.

3. Switch on your data connection to keep surfing without always switching off data.


A lot of you kept asking this question, how do I use Glo bis on PC?

Its simple, if you want to use your Glo bis on PC make sure you already have a working Glo bis plan on Android because the only way to connect it to PC is via USB tethering, WiFi hotspot or Bluetooth tethering. If you’re new to data sharing on Android, read how to share Android data with PC.

NOTE: You can always resubscribe before the current plan expire, the most interesting part is that it automatically carries over your existing data balance i.e let’s assume your mb remains 1000mb and it’s to expire tomorrow. Make sure you subscribe today, thereafter your accumulated MB will be 3072mb (new) + 1000mb (old) = 4072mb.

You should also also take note that you don’t need to insert your sim into a Blackberry phone after you’ve done that for the first time, you can subscribe directly on your android device by dialing this code *777*21#

Are you still having a problem configuring it, share your problem with us using the comment box below, be sure to get response from us.

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