How To Subscribe For Glo Blackberry Plans in Nigeria


Here are all the subscription codes you need to know to ‘sub’ for Glo BB data. It comes in various packages, validity, data cap and more importantly prices. You just have to be smart when it comes to BB subscription, like i would put cost and data size ahead of every other factor.

 The next factor to consider is to choose the Network provider that gives the fastest Internet services. If you’re a big fan of Glo network, here are the codes for all below.

Choose from the unique blackberry plans as a single package that match your budget and preference. Be smart.

BlackBerry Plans

Plan Details: Standard Blackberry Plans

BES Month4,2003GB30 DaysBESmonth*777*6#
Absolute Month1,5003GB30 DaysBBA Month*777*23#
Absolute Week500700MB7 DaysBBAweek*777*24#
Complete Month1,0003GB30 Dayscomonth*777*21#
Complete week400700MB7 Dayscoweek*777*22#
Social Month1,0003GB30 Dayssomonth*777*9#
Social Week40050MB7 Dayssoweek*777*8#

Blackberry 10 Plans

Max Month3,0001638MB30 Daysmaxmonth*777*13#
Max Week1,050700MB7 Daysmaxweek*777*14#
Mid Month1,400550MB30 Daysmidmonth*777*15#
Mid Week550150MB7 Daysmidweek*777*16#
Lite Month1000200MB30 Dayslitmonth*777*17#
Lite Week40050MB7 Dayslitweek*777*18#

Those are all the packages Glo network offers you. I personally like Glo not even because i could use some BB packages on android (imei tweaking –> See Everything about imei tweaking here) but because they are my second fastest network after Etisalat. BB10 users take note of the subscriptions highlighted in “Red” above.

Complete Month1,0003GB30 Dayscomonth*777*21#
Social Month1,0003GB30 Dayssomonth*777*9#

Complete week/month or Social week/month will work perfectly fine for your device. Its been tested and trusted. Users of these devices should opt for this plan rather than waste their money!!

Click here to see the best alternative plan for those who cant change their imei (works fine for all BB10 devices also).

Are you confused on the network to choose? Need an advice on data subscription? Feel free to ask using the comment box below, thanks for reading.

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