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How To Share Android Data With Computer And Other Device

To share Android data with computer is something that’s very easy to do yet many people really find this very difficult to accomplish. Are you an Android novice? Don’t worry Rome was not built in day.

To share android data with Computer (laptop or desktop) is very easy if you follow the methods am about to explain below.

How Do I Share Android Data With Computer?

There are three recommended ways to do this on your Android…

  • Via Wireless (Wi-Fi hotspot)
  • Via USB Tethering
  • Via Bluetooth Tethering

How do i Locate this on my Android phone?

Go to phone settings » More » Tethering & Hotspot » Select the method of your choice.



To share Android data with computer, all you need is to switch on the WiFi hotspot on your android for it to connect to your PC but before that make sure you have set your WiFi password if you really want to block off unwanted users. After you’ve properly configured the wireless hotspot on your Android device, you can follow up by switching on your PCs wireless to connect with your Android’s hotspot, insert the password you’ve set to your computer, when connected just open your browser and you’re good to go!

Downside: WiFi hotspot has tendency to be hacked. The farther the range the weaker the signal strength.

Vantage: Its convenient, can be used from any location.


This is very much easier than WiFi hotspot but will require a cable, to share Android data with computer using this method all you have to do is to connect your phone to PC via a very good USB cable and then switch on the USB tethering usually found below the WiFi hotspot in phone settings. I will personally recommend this as it have shown to be faster and more secured due to the fact that you are connected to just your PC and no other person can hack in to your connection unlike the former which you have to insert a password before proceeding. Click to see the best subscription for Android and PC users.

Downside: Connection breaks if cables isn’t connected properly or shakes while in use. Not convenient; you must carry the phone together with your PC.

Vantage: Its faster, trusted, secured and can’t be hacked.


This method isn’t so common but its pretty much an alternative when your PC don’t have a wireless and in a situation where you don’t have a USB cable. This works like the WiFi hotspot but uses Bluetooth(BT) to connect. So if you have a Bluetooth in your computer, hurray! All you need to do is switch on and pair the Bluetooth on both devices or just click on Bluetooth tethering for it to start up (this will automatically switch on your Bluetooth). Just connect to your PC’s Bluetooth and enjoy surfing!

Downside: Range; the farther the weaker the signal strength or at worst it disconnects.

Vantage: Convenient, Secured.

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Using any of the method above to share Android data with computer will drain your battery fast so I recommend you connect/plug your device to electricity while in use.

If after doing the above and you cannot connect and share Android data with computer or other device such as laptops, tablets, BlackBerry phones, Apple iPhone etc… I will urge you to check your settings all over again to verify that no step was skipped for the various methods above are the most easiest and fastest ways you can share android data with computer making your phone serve as a modem. Have you forgotten your pattern? See how to unlock Android locked patterns and password.

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