Wednesday, November 13, 2019
    Home Tech Tutor How To Unlock Android Phones With Forgotten Pattern or Password


    1. Am unable to use the method above to login my phone Tecno c8.
      Each time i tried what i see is wrong number,emergency call on.

      Kindly assist on this.


    2. If I want unlock my phone by using gmail account, but the data is off, how can I turn on the data while phone is locked. my next question is that “some when I tried to open my Google account it showing the password or gmail address is incorrect while am assured all these are correct.. please what is the solution” …????

      • When your data is off, you can connect your phone to internet using a password-less hotspot connection. All you have to do is, slide down your notification panel then turn ON your WIFI to connect.
        Secondly, you can verify that your Gmail username or password is correct using another device. In fact, you can change your password If you have forgotten it then try using the new password to log in. Let me know if it helped.

    3. Hi after i open i will change my password but i dont know the last password…please reply as fast as you can…thanks

      • The article above shows different methods you can use to unlock your device, I don’t know which of them you’ve tried, but it sure looks like it the first one.
        Anyway, if you’ve successfully signed into your Google account. It will prompt you to set a new pattern.

        If that first method does not work, please use the navigation button to see other methods. You can also boot to recovery (turn off the device then >> hold down power button + volume up) then factory reset your device to restore your phone to factory default.

        Let me know if it helped. If it doesn’t drop your phone number, let’s chat on WhatsApp. Cheers

    4. Every one is provided with truth. Many claim ignorance. Several people are just lazy. Thanks for providing useful guide. May Allah reward you abundantly. Waidi Adesina.

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