12 Things You Never Knew About Setting Up A Strong Password

Security is very key online, with the rate of scam activities soaring high, one needs to understand how to properly setup a strong password...

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This post contains things you never knew about setting up a strong password | See how to setup a secured password online. Best password protection tips.

You and I know that passwords such as “12345“, “1dec1995“, “1121995“, “ilovedad“, “ilovemum” e.t.c, are the easiest password you could ever setup. If you are still stuck at using such old patterns of password then you are in for a serious hack in by password hackers.

There are surely very easy and reliable ways of setting up strong password, you have to be careful because one break in can cause a lot of damage. There are things you never knew about setting up a strong password for your online accounts and this post will show each and everyone one of them.


Here are 12 things you should consider, they will help you build a much more secure, stronger and reliable password.

How to Protect Your Password.

1. Memorize It

Do not write your password, memorize it. In particular, don’t write it down and leave it anywhere.

2. Keep Safe

Do not place passwords in an unencrypted file or note!

3. Not For Public Use

Do not give or share your password, in particular to someone claiming to be from computer support or a vendor unless you are sure they are who they say they are.

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