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How To Use MTN BBMIDI On Android And PC Using Simple Server

This is everything you need to know on how to configure and use MTN BBMIDI on Android and PC

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This is a trick on how to use MTN BBMIDI on Android & PC via simple server (Netloop), get all the details, settings & guide below

MTN BIS is back and faster, even if they had succeeded in blocking the MTN BBC plan on android and PC just some few days back. It came in another form but works flawlessly just like the MTN BBC plan, instead of BBC its now MTN BBMIDI. Configure MTN BBMIDI on android and PC using simple server easily and save yourself all the hassles of wasteful subscription.

Don’t dull yourself, its works as fast as light. Download as many GBs as possible while it last. I can assure you that MTN BBMIDID on Simple Server is still working on Android and PC as at 22nd June, 2015.


  • Load your MTN Sim with N100
  • Send BBMIDID to 21600
  • You’ll receive a message welcoming you to MTN BBMIDID and you have 15MB. Just ignore it.

Follow the step below to configure simple server on Android and PC.


Step 1

Download and install Simple Server for android.

Step 2

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Go to simple server and configure the settings:

  • Proxy host:
  • Proxy Port: 8080
  • Injection Method: get
  • Injection query/url: http://web.blackberry.com
  • Injection Host: web.blackberry.com
  • Injection line: press your enter key 4 times
  • Log level: debug

Step 3

Close the settings and HIT the connect button.

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Also see how to configure Simple Server on Android with N0 Naira on MTN.


Step 1

Download simple server for PC.

Step 2

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Insert the modem to your PC immediately after receiving the welcome to MTN Bis message.

Step 3

Go to modem setting then configure your

  • APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
  • Password & username: empty (don’t insert anything, just leave it empty)
  • Remember to set your connection to 3G/4G only

Step 4

Go to your browser (mozilla, chrome, explorer, safari, opera or any other browser of your choice) then configureyour

  • IP: 127.0.0 1
  • PORT: 8080
For heavy downloaders you can also configure your IDM to port 8080

Step 5

Open your browser, start surfing and downloading.
Don’t wait to be told, boys dey download in GBs. No dulling, cause I am not gonna stop downloading!

In conclusion

This trick should save you from restricted data allocation for android and pc users. So an advice download as much “GB” as possible and also consider the fact that nothing really lasts forever, so enjoy while it last and make sure you aren’t subscribing for the weekly or monthly plan, stick to the daily plan and download as much as possible. Who knows? MTN Network agents could wake up tomorrow! See other MTN internet data bundle.

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Use the comment box if you experienced issue(s), we do appreciate your comments!

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