How To Browse Unlimited on MTN With N0 Naira Using Simple Server on Android and PC


Hello people, here is an exciting piece of information reaching me from a friend about Simple Server Android and PC app. If you’re are not using MTN on Simple Server then you’re truly dulling your spirit, the information reaching me which I’ve duly tested is that you can easily browse unlimited on MTN With N0 Naira Using Simple Server on Android and PC.

This is a trick that doesn’t require you to tweak or alter your imei, just insert your Zero naira (N0.00) MTN Sim into your phone plus do some configuration on your simple server in the format below and you’re good to go. There’s no limit to what you can download, so download while it last.

Warning; Simple Server App is a rogue app that makes your device extremely hot whether on Android or PC so I may not be held responsible if this app cause any damage on your device.


If you’re viewing this page on OperaMini or other static browsers and not seeing the required settings.. Kindly copy and paste the web address to Google chrome, UC Browser or your default Android browser to view and UNLOCK settings. There is an unlock button that requires Ajax loading.


1. Download and Install simple server.

2. Configure the settings in simple server exactly as highlighted below..


1. Download Simple Server for PC

2. Extract zipped file using Winrar.

3. If you downloaded Simple Server via link 1 or have Simple Server already on your PC. Edit the simpleserver.ini file that you extracted from Zipped folder with the codes below, just change the settings in the  .INI file or copy and paste settings below into the simple server .INI file.

Open SimpleServer.ini file and set it as follow;

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How to Power All Apps on Simple Server (Android)

Here is a simple App that will help you to power all App on Android if you’re using Simple Server. you can use either of ProxyDroid/Autoproxy Lite, both apps can help you to set the proxy (http / socks4 / socks5) on your android devices, it helps you to bypass custom proxy using a single switch button. You are basically going to love these App.

How To Use Autoproxy Lite

1. Download and install.

2. Configure Host: and  Port: 8080.

3. Hit the connect button after setting up.

How To Use ProxyDroid

You must have connected your simple server on android before doing the steps below.

1. Download ProxyDroid.

2. Install and open ProxyDroid.

3. Configure

  • Host:  Port: 8080

4. Enable proxy switch and start surfing.

  • Enable Proxy switch

Yeah that’s all, that’s all you need to do to browse unlimited on MTN with N0 Naira using Simple Server on PC and Android phones. This particularly works with N0.00kobo and it has been tested and confirmed. Don’t forget to check this simple server settings which have also been tested and confirmed working.

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Use the comment box if you ever experience any problem while configuring it. Have a great Simple day and remember to Serve a friend with this Simple N0.00k trick using the share buttons below!


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