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How to Use Smart DNS to Access the Different Content Available on Netflix USA

Netflix is the top on-demand video streaming service worldwide, operating in excess of 50 countries, with 58 million membership base. In addition to the broad range of content available to users, Netflix has also created some classy original shows such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and the 4th season of Arrested Development (hopefully not the last).
While the range of Netflix is ever-expanding, with Australia and New Zealand recently added, many people are yet globally constrained from the service and get the below screen when trying to access Netflix.com. Furthermore, due to licensing terms and agreements, a vast majority of films and TV shows are only open to Netflix US customers, so even those who already have access to Netflix might want to unblock Netflix USA.

Unblock Netflix

If you’re someone who’d like to access Netflix (whether it’s the US, UK or another region), then it’s quite easy to achieve. All you will need is a software called Smart DNS, which will scramble your geographical location (read more about Smart DNS, with reviews and FAQ’s here). To unblock Netflix, just sign up to one of the providers in the above link (or others), that suit you best, set up their service and sign up to Netflix – three simple steps!

Considerations for Unblocking Netflix

Issues can sometimes manifest while using a Smart DNS with Netflix, but all of the providers can help with any challenges accordingly. The newest edition of the Netflix app on Android (possibly other devices), has the DNS settings hardcoded, so a Smart DNS won’t be able to override. To overcome this, you’ll need a SmartVPN or an actual VPN provider. The list in the link above reflects this concern, with Unblock-Us leading the way and offering excellent help for this issue on its website.

Signing up to Netflix (USA)

A Smart DNS will permit you to unblock Netflix. However, you’ll still need an actual paid account to be able to use it. After you’ve set up your Smart DNS and registered for Netflix, you can sit back, lay down, or at least relax and start streaming your favourite channels – unblock a range of geographically restricted content.


Hopefully, we’ve shown you all the steps required to remove geographic restrictions on Netflix and (binge) watch all the content you wish. If you have any issues or concerns, don’t hesitate to comment, otherwise go ahead and unblock Netflix today!

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