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How To Change Android IMEI Number Via Mobile Uncle Tool

This post contains how to change Android IMEI number via Mobile Uncle Tool | fix/rewrite/modify/change Tecno, Infinix, Innjoo IMEI using Mobile Uncle Tool »

This Post Contains How To Change Android IMEI Number Via Mobile Uncle Tool | How to fix/rewrite/correct/tweak/modify/alter/change TECNO, Infinix, Innjoo, Huawei, Gionee IMEI using Mobile Uncle Tool.

Android phones were designed to be tweakable, they allow you to alter the default developer option by doing simple rooting. When you gain root access on your device, you can easily change/modify/rewrite/alter/correct your IMEI using the Mobile Uncle Tool app on Android.

Before you go ahead with this “IMEI changing” guide, bear in mind that it works basically on rooted MTK Android device. MTK means MediaTek, and it’s only supported on Mediatek enabled phones. Phone like TECNO, Infinix, Innjoo, Gionee and some more can perfectly be tweaked.

As-usual this post is only for your information and i may not be responsible for any of the misuses done by you and we are not responsible by anyways.


  • You will enjoy using BB BIS Subscription on your android. (NB: only glo and Airtel BIS working for now)
  • Fix damaged IMEI

How To Change Android IMEI Number Via Mobile Uncle Tool


  • Rooted MTK Android device.
  • Mobile uncle tools (Download here)
  • A valid BB IMEI number (Generate IMEI here)


Step 1

After you’ve downloaded and installed Mobile Uncle Tool, Go to Engineer mode in mobile Uncle tool.

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Step 2

Go to CDS information

Step 3

Select the Phone 2 (if you want to change sim 2’s imei number) and/or Phone 1 if you want to use Sim 1.

  • Here you can see a command line with “AT+……..”.
  • Now just add this command to it AT+EGMR=1,10,”then 15 digit of YOUR NEW IMEI NO”.
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But, if you want to change the phone 1 IMEI just use this option


Step 4

After entering the code correctly, press the “send at command” button. (You will get something like AT command sent, but if you don’t, kindly go over the steps again)

Step 5

Yes we all done… now you can restart the phone and enjoy your new IMEI NO.

If the method above didn’t work for you, Click here for other methods to change IMEI.

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