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How to Change IMEI Number Of Any Android Device Easily (Rooting Required)

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Changing your imei to bb imei so you could rock GLO bis on your device is as important as eating your breakfast before leaving the house, this simple trick would help you save £$¥€.

Don’t forget, IMEI Number Changing is illegal.

If you own a rooted Android device then we will provide you an easy trick to change your IMEI number.

This will not require you to download and install anything or to connect your device with the computer with USB debugging mode enabled, it is a very simple trick that you can perform in seconds but the only requirement of this trick is that you require a rooted Android device.

Steps to Change IMEI Number of Your Android

Step 1

Write the following in your dialler – *#7465625# or *#*#3646633#*#*

Step 2

Click to Call pad or connectivity options.

Step 3

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Find out CDS information and tap on it.

Note: If you have dual SIM, there will be two options for you, select the one which you want to go with.

Now to change IMEI number follow…
AT +EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_1” and “AT +EGMR=1,10,”IMEI_2” (replace IMEI_1 and IMEI_2 with your IMEI no)

For example : AT =EGMR=1,7”9100XXXXXXXXXXXX

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…and click to send.

So this is the easiest way to change IMEI number of your Android, there are many other methods too but they will require you to download the software and install it and then you have to use that software to perform your work. The only thing that this method requires is a rooted device. The choice is yours.

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Also let me tell you again that changing IMEI is illegal so don’t misuse the information provided here. Also it doesn’t change your device ID so don’t try to play smart.

For any queries, you can use the comment box.

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For other method on how to change Android imei. Click here

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  1. thanks a lot bro….
    I really appreciate ur help….
    but I’ve got one question, does d N1000 has to be loaded already b4 dialing or d “comonth”?


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