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How to Make a Solar Bottle bulb and Mobile charger

Hello everyone,

This Solar Bottle bulb and Mobile charger’ in which we can build our own solar bottle light bulb and a mobile phone charger. This simple project is helpful were there is no electricity or electricity cost is very high. No more “Up NePA!” Hehe!!

I had included many images so that it is easy to understand.

1. Introduction

1.1 Importance of solar energy

We all know importance of Solar Energy in today life. It is ultra clean, natural and sustainable source of energy that can be utilize in use of making solar electricity, solar heating appliances, solar lighting appliances and many more.

In developing countries there isn’t much source of electricity. Hence to use solar as largest source of energy one can build own solar based light bulb without any electricity cost.

1.2 Electricity in developing countries

Many people do not have access to light or cannot cover the cost for electricity. Thus, they do not have light in their homes, even during the day

1.3 About project

Solar based bulb and Mobile charger project uses solar panel, a circuit that convert voltage from solar panel to charge rechargeable battery, 1 watt high power led light fitted inside waste plastic bottle and mobile charging circuit to charge mobile phone via USB cable.

This project is very helpful in rural areas where electricity source are less.

1.4 Inspiration

My inspiration behind project is Liter of Light .

Little bit information: Liter of Light is a global open source movement with the aim to provide an ecologically sustainable and free-of-cost source of interior light to rooms in simple dwellings with a thin roof

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There are two working method of this project

2.1 Working method-1

This is the simplest of all method in which only a plastic bottle is directly installed at the roof top as shown in figure. Fill the bottle with water and add few drop of bleach (bleach help to make water clear and pure).

Plastic bottles are installed in the roofs of houses as a source of indoor light

The plastic bottle is filled with only water and bleach. The liquid inside the bottle harnesses the light from the sun, capturing and diffracting the light to all parts of the room. It is equivalent to a 55 watt light bulb. The average lifetime of a solar bottle is estimated to be between 4-5 years

What’s the technology?

It consists of a 1.5l PET bottle filled with purified water and bleach (10 ml). A special glue is used to bond and seal the bottle to the roof. Adding the bleach to the water makes sure that the water stays clean and transparent without algae growing inside and turning the water green.

The working of this setup is –Dispersion of light

*Daylight beam reach the top part of the bottle
*The water filed bottle disperse the light beams
*The dispersed light equals 55 W- even with cloudy sky
*The solar bottle improves quality of beneficiaries

Advantage: Simple, No electricity cost, inexpensive

Disadvantage: This method only work during day time.

Credits to Engg Suraj

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