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New Android API Will Allow App Interact With The Surrounding Environment

The development of the Android operating system has passed this year from Google I / O, where the headquarters of Mountain View company officially announces all the news for its hardware and software products. After presenting new features for the Android operating system N, Big G has announced the arrival of a new set of APIs, which include Awareness.

With the latest software developments for mobile devices we were able to witness the arrival of a range of functions, which have made our really smart devices. Among those which we will arrive in the coming months, thanks to Google, it concerns Awareness, a new API of the Android operating system that will allow our smartphone interface interact with all that surrounds us.

The API presented today, Awareness, has seven variables to figure out where we are and what is the state of the environment around us. These include, of course, the position as well as the weather situation of where we are. the presence of gadgets in the district, or the activities that we run at any given time. Obviously it will be different functions that can be put to the end-user service with the introduction of Awareness on Android, but some examples are already coming in from some Google partners. For example, Trulia , an application that acts as an intermediary for the sale of homes, has decided to introduce a notification whenever that we are near a location for sale, Runkeeper introduce a feature that will allow to know the weather conditions of the places we are about to engage in physical activity while Nova Launcher, whose developers have proven very interested in the new Android API, could introduce a feature that suggests an application depending on what Awareness suggests.

We currently do not know when this new feature will be introduced on the first application for Android, but developers who wish to introduce it in your app can turn to this page to know every single detail of Awareness. However, in order to access the new API, you must have an invitation to be requested this page.

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