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How To Use Glo Bis On Pc Via Modem

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Nigeria telecommunication giant Glo have recently increased some of its data sizes even at the detriment of her Glo BIS CoMonth data cost. Although, there are quite a few modification In the GLO N2500 plan, it was increased to 5GB, which is quite cool! However, Glo increased her BB complete monthly plan form N1000 – N1400 sometimes in February 2016.

Glo 3GB BIS on Android have been a long serving servant for us before the advent of Airtel 3GB BlackBerry plan for N1000 came in place. A huge number of queries asking if it’s possible to use Glo BIS on PC via modem and not sharing via hotspot? I told them it not possible because IMEI changing is involved and there is no say you’d change your modem’s IMEI number.

The case have been different and settled now because a solution to Glo BIS on PC have emerged… You can now comfortably use Glo BIS on PC via modem with you just little modifications to your modem’s network configuration settings.

Table of Contents


Step 1: Subscribe To Glo CoMonth

This is surely the first way to go about it…

  • Get an active Glo SIM.
  • Insert the Sim in a Blackberry OS7 device for those subscribing for the very first time, (If you’ve subscribed for this plan before, ignore and move on to step two)
  • Recharge N1400
  • Navigate to SMS, Type and send COMONTH to 777 or Dial *777*21# or Dial *777# & follow the prompt.
  • After subscribing, wait for activation message. (This should take some time, when activated you should get a message to removed your battery)
  • Immediately after activation, Dial *777*0# or send STATUS to 777 to be sure of activation
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Step 2: Setting Up Your Modem

  • After BB CoMonth activation, Insert the GLO SIM into your Modem (Could be any modem, so far it has been [email protected] to use multiple network)
  • Slot the Modem into your PC (This should automatically open its connection manager)

Glo BIS on PC
Lauch manager and click on settings.

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Glo BIS on PC
Click on connection settings, then create a new a connection.

  • The connection manager should load automatically, but if not.. Open the Modem’s connection manager and configure its APN (Access Point Name) as it is below.

Dialup number: *99#
Username: Blank
Password: Blank

Glo BIS on PC
Insert dialup number and add insert APN »

  • Save and activate the new network configuration and make sure you set connection to HSDPA only (HSDPA will ensure very fast connection).

Glo BIS on PC
Save and activate new GLO settings.

  • Exit and go back to connection manager home and click CONNECT.
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Glo BIS on PC
Connect and start browsing

  • Next is to, launch browser and start surfing!

Worry not about powering all apps on PC, it does that smoothly, no complications, no complex settings involved. You can also see how to configure Glo BIS on Android here.

Enjoy, remember sharing is caring!

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