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Olodi Apapa L.G.A Zip Codes | Postal Code

This post contains all updated Olodi Apapa L.G.A, Lagos, Nigeria Zip codes for all regions -- Learn more!

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This post contains all updated Olodi Apapa L.G.A, Lagos, Nigeria Zip codes for all regions — cities, streets and villages.

Here on Naijaknowhow.net, you will find all the postal codes for important cities, areas and top regions in Olodi Apapa LGA, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Country: Nigeria
  • Region: Lagos
  • LGA: Olodi Apapa
  • Associated Zip Code: 102241

List of all Olodi Apapa, Lagos Zip Codes

Olodi Apapa

Postal Codes

Abdul Peshi St. 102241
Abeje St. 102241
Adekeye St. 102241
Adekoya St. 102241
Adeleye Close 102241
Adeniyi St. 102241
Adeyemi Lane 102241
Aduke St. 102241
Agbeke St. 102241
Agnes St. 102241
Aiyenero St. 102241
Akinbo St. 102241
Akogun St. 102241
Alakoto High School 102241
Alhaji Adebola St. 102241
Alhaji Amusa Lane 102241
Alhaji Yusuf Adebayo St. 102241
Amodu Tijani St. 102241
Amore St. 102241
Animashanu Drive 102241
Apapa/Oshodi St. 102241
Apollo Lane 102241
Asalu St. 102241
Atebeh St. 102241
Ayoride St. 102241
Bala St. 102241
Biola Oluwa St. 102241
Bolaji Olaro St. 102241
Cementry St. 102241
Charles Avenue 102241
Chruch St. 102241
Dele Bakare St. 102241
Donu Ladipo St. 102241
Esado St. 102241
Ezagu Lane 102241
Fatimo Lane 102241
Giwa St. 102241
Hospital St. 102241
Ibafon St. 102241
Ibitoye St. 102241
Idi St. 102241
Idowu Lane 102241
Idowu St. 102241
Ilaje Allen 102241
Ilaje St. 102241
Inacheo St. 102241
Industrial Rd. 102241
Itire St. 102241
Iya Ojo St. 102241
Jejelaye St. 102241
Jimoh Ojora 102241
Jinadu St. 102241
Jone Waribi St. 102241
Kadiri Salami 102241
Kareem Akade 102241
Karimure St. 102241
Kola Akintepede St. 102241
Kukoyi St. 102241
Kumuyi St. 102241
Ladipo Close 102241
Ligali St. 102241
Market Lane 102241
Market St. 102241
Mgbidi Lane 102241
Mission St. 102241
Mokoya High School 102241
Muyibi St. 102241
Oboh St. 102241
Odofin St. 102241
Ogbefi Lane 102241
Ojo Rd. 102241
Ojodu St. 102241
Ojoku High School 102241
Olayemi St. 102241
Olodi Apapa School 102241
Omogbeyi St. 102241
Orizu Lane. 102241
Owoesni St. 102241
Owoyemi St. 102241
Oyedeji St. 102241
Palace St. 102241
Patani Close 102241
Porori St. 102241
Rabiu Adio St. 102241
Sadiku St. 102241
Salami St. 102241
Salawu Lawal St. 102241
Salawu St. 102241
Salubi St. 102241
School Ext. 102241
Shogbesan St. 102241
St Michael St. 102241
Sufianu St. 102241
Sule Lane. 102241
Tolu St. 102241
Trinity Close 102241
Trinity Market. 102241
Turner Erodi St. 102241
Wuloma St. 102241
Yusuf Oloriode St. 102241

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