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OMG!! Apple’s iPhone 7 Now Exploding!?

iPhone 7 join list of exploding phones, see all the details below.

There have been countless reports of phone exploding lately, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have been in the news quite a bit for its explosive nature. I can’t tell if Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is trying to gain some popularity with the explosion thing, if true, then they have perfectly passed it on to the Apple’s iPhone 7.

Samsung had some of its phone explode in the past, and now, iPhone 7 has joined the few list of exploding phone.

Apple’s iPhone 7 Explosion

A Reddit user /u/kroopthesnoop took to the Apple subreddit to show photos of what is a severely damaged iPhone 7 that obviously caught fire. Here’s the phone in all of its glory:

It seems to be of no fault of the user, as /u/kroopthesnoop implies that this is how he received his new iPhone 7 straight out of the box. Something obviously happened between being built in the factory and through the shipping process, as the Reddit user points out himself. It’s almost a wonder that the box the phone was shipped in didn’t catch fire.

For what it’s worth, this seems to be a completely isolated incident. There are no other reports of an iPhone 7 explosion, so it’s safe to assume Apple isn’t experiencing the same problems Samsung is going through.

What will likely happen is that Apple will launch an investigation in conjunction with the shipping service used to find out where things went wrong and who’s to blame.

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  1. and this ones too follow join…how will I buy a cell with my personal money and it turn back at me and harm me in the process of using it bro?

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