Yet Another Infinix Zero 4 Picture Leaks Online

Check out these new pictures of the Infinix Zero 4 Android device, sleek and smooth chamfered edges.


Infinix zero 4 X574 is another flagship device from Infinix mobility. Infinix has kept this device away from being launched here in Nigeria, regardless, there have been a couple of pictures shared online, which I’ve previously shared right here.

Here is another picture seen on twitter, this device looks clean, smooth and well chamfered edge with Antenna lines. I can’t wait to hold this sleek 5.5″ smartphone. I shouldn’t be writing about the Zero 4 specifications, if you want to see it, check out this post, it contains everything you need to know..

Here is Infinix Zero 4 Picture in its uniqueness

Infinix Zero 4 Picture Unbox

Infinix Zero 4 Picture Unbox

This device will most likely get to us in December or early January, 2017.. so get ready to replace your Zero 3 for this, if you’re still using the Zero and Zero 2, it’s clear you’re not ready for an upgrade. Could there be an Infinix Zero 5, let’s wait and see!


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