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Which Should I Choose? 3GB + PayG | 3GB + Free Surf | 3GB + No PayG

Below you should find the meaning of each option seen when subscribing to Airtel blackberry compete plan; 3GB + PayG, 3GB + Free Surf and 3GB + No PayG.

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Have you tried to subscribe for any internet data plan on Airtel lately, but noticed certain pop-up asking you to select how you intend to use your data plan after exhaustion? Below you should find the meaning of each option and the option I’ve always preferred among 3GB + PayG, 3GB + Free Surf and 3GB + No PayG.

Airtel wants to know how you intend to stay online after you have used up your data, do you intend to use airtime, do you intend not to use it or prefer Free surf? Here is what all the options mean below.

3GB + PayG or 3GB + Free Surf or 3GB + No PayG

3GB + PayG, 3GB + Free Surf and 3GB + No PayG

3GB + Free Surf (160MB)

After exhausting your data, you are entitled to 160MB free surf, free surf allows you to visit certain websites for free, you have only 160MB to use though. This service is similar with Facebook Free Surf that allows you to visit Facebook without loading pictures.

3GB + No PayG

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After exhausting your data with 3GB + No bundle, No browsing active, you won’t be able to browse with or without airtime on my phone.


3GB + PayG

After exhausting your data, further browsing will be billed from airtime. So this requires you to have airtime on your phone.

I hope I’ve cleared the air about the Pop-up you get when you try activating your Airtel Blackberry 3GB Plan on Android. Pick wisely, left for me, I’ll choose the second one (3GB + No PayG), so should Incase I exhaust my data, I don’t want my airtime being tampered with.

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