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Paying My Last Tribute To A Dear Friend, You’re Irreplaceable!!!

This is a powerful tribute message to the best friend ever, you can never be replaced with another.

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My eyes are filled with tears as I keep going over the events of 30th September 2016.

How did it all happen?
You were right there with me,
Now You’re gone!
You didn’t deserve such a premature death,
You were soo young and full of life.
I remember the first day we met at Alaba international… I knew from day that I have found a friend in you.
You were always there when I need you, During long boring journey you were there for me.
During boring days of work you were there to cheer me up.

Even when my neighbour sings with his awful voice you were there to rescue me.
I hopped on that bike with you that fateful morning on our way to work.
Then u fell off the bike
It all happened so fast..
I tried to grab you but it was too late
The next thing I know you were smashed by an incoming trailer.
I keep blaming myself for your untimely death

If I had been fast I could have saved you.
I wish am spiderman….I could have sprung out my web to grab you,
But am not spider man,
And I couldn’t save you,
And now I wont see you anymore,
I mourned you,
I buried your memories,
I have tried to find another friend like you
But now I know!


Chai, una too dey take life serious. lol

I miss you my dear earphone.

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