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Best 3 Online Tools For Typists

Typing is a task used in almost all types of jobs. Whether you are an educationist, banker, or related to any field. Here are the 3 best online tools for typists.

Typing is a task used in almost all types of jobs. Whether you are an educationist, banker, or related to any field. With online job opportunities, the demand for typists has been increased. If you want to enhance your typing skills, it is not a difficult task at all. As now you can find various online tools that help you to polish your skills. And these tools are totally free of cost. With the software, you can increase your typing speed like a professional typist. Like if your current typing speed is 10 words per minute, with these tools you can make it double. For this, you just need to practice.

1. Prepostseo Word Count Tool

An amazing online tool that helps you to complete your typing task is Word Counter. Besides typing an important feature, a typist need is the quality of the content. Especially, for the people who are working as content writers, it is really effective. As for them, the quality of the content and length of the content matters a lot. This tool helps them in different dimensions to make their job easy.

Words per minute

You can find out the number of words you are typing in a minute or more. Set your goal. it is simple to see the word ratio you are typing in a minute. For this set a time like 5 minutes or 10 minutes and start typing the typing box. After 5 minutes stop typing and see the number of words you have typed. Now divide that number on the 5 and you will get the result.

Counting words

If a typist has an assignment of 3000 words, he needs a total accurate word count. For counting the words, he doesn’t need to count each word. This tool tells him the count of characters and words. You just need to paste or write the content in this app. With this, you don’t need to think and count again and again to see how many words are left.

Improve words choices

As every task has its own requirements and demands. And this fantastic software knows this. Therefore, it not only counts the words but also helps you in making it better. It gives you choices to use an improved and appropriate word to write. With this feature, you can improve the quality of your content.

Grammar mistakes

Another additional helping feature of this tool is that it has a grammar checker. With this feature, you can make your content free from grammar errors.

2. Keybr

One of the best online typing tools for typists to improve their typing skills is Keybr. It is equally benefited for the typists of every age group. It is simple to use and doesn’t need any registration. It helps the typists to type accurately with fast speed.

Master of touch type

Keybr is an online tool that makes you a master of touch type. A method of typing in which typists don’t look at the keys is called touch type. In this method, the typist doesn’t look at the keys because he remembers the keys. And practice makes him familiar with the structure of the keyboard. Because of this, you can type more words in limited type with fewer mistakes.

Start practising now

As you don’t need any registration on this software, therefore, you can start typing on it immediately. You don’t need to spend time on registration. Or you don’t need to wait for your registration acceptance. So, if you have decided to practice, start it now.

Basic to advance typing

Keybr is a tool that helps you to become a professional typist. You can practice from basic to advance typing. As it will teach you all the basic techniques including the start of the touch typing. And gradually trained you to the complex typing methods in its advance stage.

Identify the mistakes

While typing what mistakes you have made, Kyber highlight and track all of them. The status of mistakes represented in a graphical way. Keyber uses the WPM testing tool to track your mistakes and analyzing your performance. It is also a word counter. It counts the number of words you typed in a single minute.

Multiple languages

You have the option to choose a language for typing practice. Yes, this online tool doesn’t offer you only one language, it offers you 7 languages. Select the language you need to practice. For example, if you are working for a website that is in Urdu. You need to type in Urdu, not English. So, do typing practice in the language you need.


On your daily performance, this free online tool gives you an overview. With this feature, you can see the improvement ratio in your typing skills on daily basis.

3. Typing Master 10

Typing Master 10 is another amazing tool for typists. It is a unique software that helps you inefficient and fluent typing.

Word Speed

Like other typing tools, the main objective of this is to increase your typing speed. With this software, you can type more words within a minute.

Accurate typing

Only typing fast is not enough. Along with fast typing, its accuracy is also a must. You are typing fast but not typing the words right, will not give you any benefit. Therefore, this tool aids you to type the words correctly without any mistake.

Step-by-step guide

For making it suitable for everyone, this software provides a step-by-step guide. With the guide, you can start learning and training from the initial stage. Start from the basic stage if you are a new learner. It will help you to become a professional typist. Start from the basic unprofessional stage and end at the professional stage.

Typing speed games

A unique and special feature of this tool is typing speed games. To attract the kids it offers games that help them to learn to type. They learn and enhance their typing skills with fun-filled games.

Final Words

With these online tools, typists can improve his typing skills. He can type fast with fewer errors. For analyzing his speed and accuracy word counter helps him. As with that, the typists can see how many words he typed in a minute. These software or tools are equally benefited for the typists of every age group.

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