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Best Applock Apps To Lock Apps & Games on Android (2022)

This article contains a list of the best AppLock apps to lock any form of application or games on Android.

Are you looking for the best AppLock apps to lock apps or games on your Android device? If yes, then we’ve got you covered via this article you’re reading.

To be honest, everyone has sensitive data on their smartphones. These phones are a part of our day-to-day lives and as such contain some information we do not want to share or spread.

It is convenient to lock your device with a password or a PIN. But what if you have to share your phone with another person and you do not want the person delving into your personal information such as your bank app, your note-taking app, your gallery and so on?

Well, you’ll need to lock those apps you don’t want people to have access to. And that’s why we’ve provided you with the Best AppLock apps in this article you’re reading on NaijaKnowHow.

List of The Best AppLock Apps to Lock Apps & Games on Android

With the locker apps that’ll be listed below, you’ll be able to lock apps on your Android device, these apps are different from apps that’ll let you hide apps on Android.

1. App Locker: Fingerprint and Pin

AppLock - Fingerprint

This app is very popular and the reason isn’t difficult to figure out. It is known for its uniqueness. The app allows you to put lock configurations on every app you wish to. You can use fingerprint as the lock for your bank app and use PIN lock for your gallery.

One of its coolest features is that it takes intruder selfies. If anyone tries to unlock an app that you have secured, Applocker automatically takes pictures of the intruder and shows them to you when next you open Applock. With this app, there are two engines, the default engine and the improved lock engine. It’s a cool app and one of the Best Applock Apps to lock Android apps.

AppLock - Fingerprint
AppLock - Fingerprint
Developer: SpSoft
Price: Free

2. Applock


With this app, you can keep your pictures and memories secure, you can also use it to lock apps. Applock secures your personal information like pictures, videos, and folders for you by locking the apps that house them on your Android device. Applock has cool features and it offers more than 3 different ways to lock apps on Android.

Regardless of the type of apps you want to lock on your Android device, you can use Applock. You can use Applock to lock Social Media Apps, Gallery Apps and so on. It also offers customization and you can apply themes to your lock screen. This app is one of the best privacy apps you can download on your Android device.

Developer: LaHaSoft
Price: Free

3. Smart AppLock

Best Applock Apps

This app is known for its elegance and professional outlook. It gives you the security you need when it comes to locking apps that contain private content. Apps like SMS, gallery, contacts, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc can all be locked and kept safe from prying eyes or nosy people.

You can lock games and markets to keep your children from playing games that can be addictive or games that are way above their age in your absence. It has different features that make it one of the Best Applock Apps out there.

Smart AppLock protects your apps with different types of locks, such as the PIN lock and the Pattern lock. It also uses very little memory and it’s very light. It even advises you on which apps to lock depending on how sensitive their content may be. The user interface is very pleasing and easy to use.

4. Lockdown Pro

Lockdown Pro


Lockdown Pro app is one of the most popular free app locker apps that you can find on the internet today. It can lock down literally every app on your device. There are three different modes that it does this,  pattern lock, calculator Lock and classic lock. There is also a personal gallery that is made especially for you to keep your pictures and videos that you do not want to be seen by others. This personal gallery also supports gifs. It supports fingerprint and smart locks.

One of its coolest features is the time PIN password. If the time is 11:06, then your PIN is 6011. The user interface is refreshing with ripple animation and beautiful designs. Check this amazing app out.


All these apps are the result of detailed research and we do hope that you find a good app locker app that does the job perfectly for you. If you know other app locker apps that are awesome and are not on this list, kindly tell us in the comment section.

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