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Best File Shredder Software for Windows PC in 2023

Are you searching for softwares for permanently deleting your files? Here's our list of the best file shredder software for Windows PC.

With the best file shredder software, you should be able to securely delete sensitive files and data from your computer. These programs work by overwriting the data on a file multiple times, making it impossible to recover using standard data recovery methods.

When looking for a file shredding tool for your PC, it is important to consider the types of files that you will be deleting. Some programs may only be able to shred simple text and image files, while others may be able to handle more complex formats such as audio and video files.

A good file shredder should be easy to navigate, with a clear and intuitive interface that makes it simple to select the files and folders you want to delete. In this article on Naijaknowhow, I have compiled a list of the best file shredder software for Windows PC. If you are in search of softwares for permanently deleting files, you should keep reading.

List of the Best File Shredder Software for Windows PC

These softwares have the ability to schedule automatic file deletion, which can be a convenient and time-saving feature for anyone who wants to ensure that their data is always kept secure. Feel free to review and select the one that best suits your needs. Meanwhile, you may want to check our list of the best file extractors for Windows and Mac PC.

1. Eraser


Eraser is a unique tool that guarantees to securely delete sensitive information from your hard drive by repeatedly overwriting it using carefully chosen patterns. This software is free to use because it is distributed under the GNU General Public License. Eraser is one of the best file shredder software to use on your computer.

Eraser utilizes three file deletion methods, including the US DoD 5220.22-M. This program is open-source and its source code is available under the GPU General Public License. Although it is a reliable tool, it may occasionally close unexpectedly, and customer support is limited.

2. Kernel File Shredder

File Shredder Software

Kernel File Shredder is a powerful tool that quickly protects your sensitive information by thoroughly destroying it. Utilizing advanced algorithms based on the Gutmann method, developed by Peter Gutmann, it remains one of the most effective software methods for data sanitization.

With this tool, you can schedule file shredding tasks to be automatically executed in advance. You also have the option to rename files or folders before shredding. Once the shredding process is complete, a log file is generated with information about the operation.

3. Hard Disk Scrubber

Hard Disk Scrubber

Hard Disk Scrubber is a free software tool that can securely erase sensitive information from your computer. It can be used to overwrite free space or permanently delete data, making it impossible to recover the erased information. Hard Disk Scrubber is also considered one of the best file shredder software for Windows PCs.

Hard Disk Scrubber is user-friendly and can erase files with just a few clicks. It employs data sanitization methods such as AFSSI-5020, DOD 5520.22-M, and Random Data. Besides this, it allows the user to create a custom wiping pattern, such as overwriting files with a specific pattern.

4. Hardwipe


Hardwipe is a toolkit designed for permanent data erasure on disk and external storage devices. It guarantees that sensitive information cannot be recovered by anyone. The toolkit can easily wipe internal drives and portable media.

Once its process is completed, Hardwipe closes automatically. It can be launched from a USB drive and seamlessly integrates with Windows PE, creating a comprehensive boot and nuke data sanitization solution. This software produces log reports following the wiping operation. The tool is limited to shredding one folder at a time and it comes with adverts.

5. PC Shredder

PC Shredder

PC Shredder is a user-friendly freeware tool that allows you to quickly and easily shred files. In addition to shredding selected files, it also erases the free space on your hard drive, which can help improve the performance of your computer by increasing the amount of available storage. It marks a spot as one of the best file shredder software for Windows.

PC Shredder has a simple, minimalistic interface that effectively performs the task of shredding files. The tool is lightweight and portable, taking up only 300 KB of space, and it can run on most systems without any minimum system requirements. However, it’s worth noting that it may perform better on faster systems.

6. WipeFile

File Shredder Software

With WipeFile, securely deleting files and folders is made easy. It guarantees a complete overwrite of your data, rendering it unrecoverable. The software offers 14 advanced deletion methods, including those used by the US Navy, and NATO. WipeFile is a free tool and it’s available in multiple languages. It has a feature that saves files in a queue for later restoration or removal.

7. Freeraser


Freeraser is an efficient and secure software that can quickly and permanently delete confidential files. It offers three data shredding methods, including the Military Standard DOD 5520.22-M and NSA Standard.

Freeraser, true to its name, offers free services. It is user-friendly, featuring a desktop icon resembling a recycle bin for easy file shredding. Its drag-and-drop feature adds to its convenience of use. If you want to conveniently delete or shred your files without the hope of recovery, then you should give this software a try.


To protect against increasing data breaches and identity thefts, using file shredder software that thoroughly encrypts confidential information is crucial. Consider utilizing one of the listed options, as they are trustworthy and provide secure and easy shredding of your files. Be sure to take the necessary precautions to keep your data safe.

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