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6 Best Free LastPass Alternatives for Password Safety (2023)

Are you looking for free password managers like LastPass? Here's a list of the best free LastPass alternatives for password management.

If you’re on the search for the best free LastPass alternatives for your password management. You’ve stumbled upon the right article where you’ll discover free password managers that work better than LastPass.

LastPass use to be a very popular password manager. To date, you’ll find it to be one of the best password managers across multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows etc. But some years back, they had a change in policy that doesn’t suit free users. That has made people seek free alternatives and since there are plenty of them. Not to mention, it was reported in February 2023 that LastPass was involved in a data breach that made devotees doubt the credibility and reliability of this platform.

That being said, we’ve decided to list out the best free LastPass alternatives for you here at NaijaKnowHow. These password managers will let you save your passwords. Generate stronger passwords and some of them rank as the best password generators you’ll see online.

List of The Best Free LastPass Alternatives for Password Safety

The following alternatives to LastPass offer the same functions as LastPass. They offer paid features but their free access is good enough for basic use.

1. Dashlane

Best Free LastPass Alternatives

One of the popular password managers you’ll find online is Dashlane. If you want to keep your passwords safe, Dashlane can handle such tasks. Dashlane is available across multiple devices and one of the reasons why you’ll like it is because it uses AES-256 encryption. That is one of the similarities it has with LastPass.

While using Dashlane, you’ll enjoy 1GB of storage to keep your passwords safe. It also comes with features like a password generator, you can use it as one of the best 2FA apps. It also works with some third-party applications as well.

2. Bitwarden

Best Free LastPass Alternatives

Bitwarden is another great option you can use. It is a free and open-source password manager that you can use for keeping your passwords safe. There are a lot of features that come with Bitwarden and that’s why it comes close to LastPass. You can store and manage passwords with Bitwarden, it also makes sharing passwords easily.

When it comes to generating passwords with Bitwarden, it’ll help you generate strong passwords. You can also use it to keep credit card information safe, you can keep notes. The free access of Bitwarden doesn’t have limitations compared to LastPass. If you’re looking for one of the best free LastPass alternatives, Bitwarden is a great option to use.

3. KeePass


KeePass is free and that makes it a great option, getting started with KeePass might be somehow. That’s because you can only use the web version. Using KeePass is one of the safest ways to have your passwords kept safe and protected. KeePass will store your user data in an encrypted database that can only be accessed via a master password.

KeePass also provides a password generator that helps users create strong passwords. While it does not have the same level of convenience as cloud-based password managers like LastPass. If you’ll like to store your data offline, KeePass is one of the best free LastPass alternatives you can use.

4. Google Password Manager

Google Password Manager

Google Password Manager is one of the best options for Android users and anyone with a Gmail account. You can access this service on your Google Chrome and Android device. Google Password Manager is free and even though it is nothing close to LastPass. You can use it to manage your passwords, make changes and even delete unwanted ones.

With Google Password Manager, you’ll be able to access all the saved passwords in your Gmail account. There’s no need to download Google Password Manager, you can access it from the web. It is one of the free alternatives to LastPass for password safety.

5. NordPass

Best Free LastPass Alternatives

Aside from the user-friendly interface that NordPass offers. It makes saving and managing passwords easy, you can use it to autofill passwords on any website or app. You can generate strong and unique passwords easily with NordPass. NordPass isn’t completely free but there’s free access with limited features, but it is still good and fair enough.

The encryption level of NordPass is one of the strongest you’ll come across. You can have your credit card information saved on it. The interface is friendly, navigation is also easy. NordPass might not have the big names yet, but it is one of the best free LastPass alternatives out there.

6. RoboForm


When considering the best free LastPass alternatives, RoboForm is another great option on the list. One of the reasons why you’ll love it is that the free version allows many passwords. The password limit is unlimited, you can save as many and it also helps make form filling super easy.

When submitting your info on a website, you can use RoboForm to autofill. Saving passwords is one thing it is known for, you can also save credit card information as well. RoboForm is very easy to use and also a great free alternative to LastPass.


LastPass is a great password manager, and it does a great job for both free and paid users. There are other great options as well. If you need an alternative to LastPass to manage your passwords, the above-listed options will serve you better.

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