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7 Best Password Manager Apps For Android (2021)

Never forget any passwords, this article covers everything about the best password manager apps for android devices, with these apps you can store as much passwords as you wish.

In this article on Naijaknowhow, you’ll know more about the best password manager apps for Android devices to keep passwords safe. Using one password on different accounts is very risky and due to cybercrimes and security breaches, it’s always advisable to use different passwords on different accounts especially for those who engage in social media activities.

But how do you remember which password you had used for that website or that app? Well, everything is now easier and if you’re using an Android device, here’s an article that’ll interest you much.

Password manager apps do come in handy and with them around you won’t need to worry about forgetting any password you had used on a website. You can read more about these apps below.

List of the Best Password Manager Apps for Android

1. LastPass Password Manager


To keep your passwords in safe hands, I’ll recommend an app like Lastpass and due to its amazing work and features, I can always depend on it to keep my passwords for me and I wouldn’t need to worry when needing to log on to any website or application.

With LastPass you can easily store passwords and logins, it also allows you to create online shopping profiles that’ll let you access the main website you had created a profile on. LastPass works well and also it can generate strong passwords for you, these passwords can never be guessed cause they’re mixtures of uppercase, lowercase, symbols and numbers. Lastpass is one of the best password manager apps for Android users.

LastPass Password Manager
LastPass Password Manager
Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
Price: Free+

2. Enpass Password Manager


Worried about losing a password? Well, you shouldn’t because, with an app like Enpass around, your passwords are as safe as ever, Enpass manages any type of passwords for any websites and with this app, you don’t need to copy and paste passwords, it can autofill passwords for you and that makes typing password easy for you.

Enpass is an app with cool features, it’s free and doesn’t need any signup, but to use Enpass you must have a master key that’ll give you full access to other passwords you had saved on it, Enpass is very easy to use because it has a well-constructed interface, this app is one of the best password manager apps for Android users, you can always trust it to help manage your passwords.

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Enpass Password Manager
Enpass Password Manager

3. Dashlane Password Manager


A password manager app like Dashlane is what you need to keep safe your online credentials, this app is amazing and after winning the Google Play Excellence Award last year, I can always recommend it due to its excellence. This app is designed to give you full control over how your data are managed online, it makes logging in to websites easy with its autofill features that save your credentials on different websites.

Dashlane is very convenient to use, it makes browsing easy and also it saves anything that seems private, Dash lane also saved ID details, credit card information and other important details you don’t want leaking around, this app is not free but you can enjoy its one month trial, then you can pay for its premium plan if you wish to continue experiencing its amazing work

Dashlane Password Manager
Dashlane Password Manager
Developer: Dashlane
Price: Free+

4. Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password Manager

With no doubt, Keeper is one of the top trending password manager apps at the moment, with over millions of installs and an ever-increasing 5-star rating, this app is a joy to use, you can store as many passwords as you want and there is no limit to that. Keeper works well in making sure your passwords are kept in a secure place, it also generates passwords that can’t be cracked by hackers. It has a feature called BreachWatch, this feature allows the scanning of the dark web to see if your passwords or user credentials have been exposed.

Keeper is one of the best password manager apps for Android users, you can use this app to keep your password safe, however there some payments you’ll make in the apps as it’s not free in some aspects.

Keeper Password Manager
Keeper Password Manager

5. 1Password

1Password Password Manager

Want to secure your passwords in the most advanced way? well, only a few apps provide maximum security assurance to securing passwords, one of these apps is 1Password, it’s a paid password manager app on Android and its one of the best apps to keep passwords safe, though it has a 30 days free trial which you can use to see how good it is.

1Password can create strong passwords for those emails and social media accounts of yours, it also autofill users credentials on websites and apps, it’s safe and very secured, it’s very easy to use this app and it also has a fingerprint unlock feature that’ll make accessing the app easy for you. If you’re looking for a good password manager app for your android device, I’ll recommend this for you.

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6. Norton Password Manager

Norton Password Manager

Norton Password Manager is an app developed by the makers of Norton Antivirus, and from my experience with Norton Antivirus, I can attest to the wonderful work it does in keeping my Android device safe from malware and virus. Norton Password manager will help you secure your passwords in an encrypted vault and you can always access them anytime you want to use your passwords.

It also saved details like addresses and credit card information, it has many things it does and it can also autofill on websites for you. If you want a password manager app that’ll keep you safe from phishing sites and malicious attacks, then you should try using Norton Password Manager, it’s one of the best for Android users.

Norton Password Manager
Norton Password Manager
Developer: NortonMobile
Price: Free

7. One Key

One Key

The last one on the list is another good password manager app called One Key, actually, it works offline and with its 5-star rating on Google Play Store, I can’t help but include this app among the best password manager apps for Android devices, this app is paid but you can use it free for some time, its features are amazing and it does more than just keeping passwords.

One Key stores credit card information, it also blocks off screenshots to be taken while the app is active, it offers the strongest Encryption using AES-256 bit algorithm to help keep your saved Infos on it safe. This is one of the best password manager apps you’ll find for Android devices.

One Key: password manager
One Key: password manager
Developer: GByte
Price: Free+


With the password manager apps I’ve listed above, I’m sure after reading through each app, you’ll surely find the one that’ll interest you. These apps are savers most times especially when we’d forgotten our login details, these apps will help keep passwords safe and also help remember them when we need to.

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