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How To Protect Instagram Account From Being Hacked

In this post, we will be showing you five important tips to secure or protect your Instagram account from being hacked. Learn more!

Hacking on social media is rampant and this doesn’t exclude Instagram. In this post, we will be showing you five important tips to secure or protect your Instagram account from being hacked.

Even though the security system is always updated by IG, all social media users must know how to protect their accounts.

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Here are some steps to protect your Instagram account from hacking:

1. Choose a strong password

strong password

The password is the main protection key for every account. Some reports of hacking say that victims use weak passwords that are very easy to guess.

To create a strong password, you can use something that only you know yourself. Then in writing the password, create a unique method of writing. You can use a combination of capital letters, small letters, numbers and symbols, for example, “19fRe@k901Y“.

2. Use the two-factor authentication feature

Two-Factor Authentication

The two-factor authentication or 2FA feature is a multi-layered security in the process of logging into an account. So, each login process takes place, the Instagram service will send a confirmation to the contact number or email address to be entered in the login process.

This is done so that the login process is done by yourself, not someone else. Because the notification containing the confirmation will usually be sent to the contact number that is active on the user’s phone, including the email address attached.

Don’t ever send your authentication code to anyone requesting for it.

3. Secure the email account used on the Instagram account

protect email

Social media including Instagram is always connected to the main email account. So the email account used is also as important as your Instagram account. The safest way to do it is still similar to the Instagram account password. It is recommended that you change your password periodically.

So, don’t let your email account fall into the hands of hackers because all applications that use that account are also in danger of being hacked. Also, consider activating 2FA for your email as well.

4. Select the third application that can be connected to an Instagram account

instagram third party apps

Social media has become a very important personal account. Many applications or services ask to be connected to social media, making it easier for users to get the latest information for consumers.

However, you must still choose which 3rd or third-party app to connect to social media accounts or Instagram. Be wary of fake applications that look like the original application and do not allow them to be connected to your Instagram account because your account control can be taken over.

5. Always log out of your Instagram account if accessed through a shared device.

logout from instagram

Instagram is not only accessible via smartphones. This social media application can also be accessed from other devices, such as laptops or desktop computers. The two devices are devices that can be used together.

If you’ve ever logged in to Instagram on a laptop or desktop then don’t forget to always log out. Because you will never know whether other people who also use the device will not try to find out your Instagram account access.

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