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How To Spot Fake Samsung Chargers (Photo)

Original VS Fake Samsung Chargers - Have you ever bought a FAKE Samsung charger with the view of being ORIGINAL? See how to spot fake Samsung chargers »

Have you ever bought FAKE Samsung chargers with the view of being ORIGINAL?

Yes, right?

But you ended up feeling sad and lamenting in regrets!

Samsung mobile company produces one of the best smartphone chargers for their Samsung Andorid devices.

It’s overwhelming to know that some copy cats has cloned these chargers and kept consumers at risk over throwing away money in the name of buying original Samsung chargers.


Many road side mobile retail shops, hawkers, and other phone accessories resellers sell a bunch of FAKE Samsung chargers.

In one of my previous post, I explained how you can fall a victim of Samsung phone explosion, without doubt… Fake chargers can be a major ingredient of phone explosion.

Long story short, I will be sharing – ways in which you can spot a fake Samsung charger.

How To Spot Fake Samsung Chargers (Photo)

I believe the picture speaks a thousand words. You should at least be aware of the difference between an ORIGINAL Samsung chargers and FAKE Samsung chargers.

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