Reasons Your Phone Could Be The Next Explosive Device & How To Stop It!

Do not make these mistakes, here are the major reasons why your smartphone explode.. see the causes of explosion in phones and how you can prevent it.

Explosion In Phones | Samsung S7

It no news that Samsung Note 7 Android device has been withdrawn and production stopped due to its explosion crisis. The sole reason the Samsung Note 7 explodes is known to us, it’s batteries have been the major cause of this explosions. Now let’s talk about lithium-ion batteries and how it caused explosion in phones like Samsung Note 7.

Most of our Android phone uses lithium-ion batteries, this is because lithium-ion batteries are light weight and can store a lot of energy. It’s tendency to store a whole lot of energy makes it very unstable.

A video shared by via Twitter claimed that…“they have achieved 90% battery life even possible from the lithium-ion batteries”, although people still want batteries that charge faster and last longer.

… But for those reasons, manufacturers keeps pushing the batteries far, and the more we do, the more we keeping pushing them to explode.

Causes of Explosion in Phones

Here are what causes batteries to explode in phone…

conserve battery on your phone

  • Overcharging:

This happens when too much lithium goes into one side of the battery. It’s like filling a glass with water, doesn’t matter how fast or how slow you go. Although, most batteries were designed to automatically control overcharging.

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