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Best Game Boosters For PC (Windows 8, 10, & 11) in 2022

A lagging PC can give a bad gaming experience. With the best game boosters listed in this article, you'll be able to improve gaming performance on your PC.

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Are you looking for a way to optimise gaming performance on Windows computer? Here’s a list of the best game boosters for PC to boost game on windows.

Gaming is one of the activities you can do on your Windows PC these days, and it doesn’t matter if your PC is 32bit or 64bit, but when it comes to playing games on Windows, most people who are not using a gaming PC always find it difficult to enjoy a swift gameplay experience because their PC is being affected by background apps and memory issues.

While PC Cleaners are doing a great job in cleaning PC off Junk, Cache and Background apps. Game Boosters offer a better optimization for getting a better gameplay experience on PC, we’ve handpicked some of the best game boosters for PC here on NaijaKnowHow.

If you’ll like to experience smoother gameplay on your Windows PC anytime you’re playing any game and you experience lagging, this game booster software will help you optimize your PC and you’ll see a difference in your gameplay.

List of the Best Game Boosters For PC (Windows 8, 10, & 11)

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Game boosters on PC do more than just clean junk and cache files, clean background apps and free more RAM, they also carry out activities like overclocking graphics cards, reducing latency on the CPU while playing games and a lot more.

1. WTFast


Nothing sucks more than when you’re playing some online games like Call of Duty, Fortnite or any game that requires an internet connection and you’re being affected by high ping issues and it causes your game to lag, there’s a software that’ll help you override that issue and that is WTFast. WTFast is the perfect game-boosting software that’ll help you get rid of latency issues on your PC and help improve your ping anytime you’re gaming online, it’s a software that is dedicated to online gameplay improvements alone.

WTFast doesn’t free up RAM and neither does it clean junk or cache files. You’ll find most gamers use this software to improve ping anytime they stream online games on their PC.

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2. Razer Cortex

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Best Game Boosters For PC

Razer Cortex is the perfect software you need to install on your PC for better game performance improvements, this software is solely dedicated to optimising the PC for a better gameplay performance. It cleans the PC and gives it a better performance level for playing games, Razer Cortex is widely used by a lot of gamers because it’s very powerful and it does a great job in boosting game performance on PC.

Razer Cortex will clean your PC and remove stubborn background processes that are affecting your gaming experience, it improves graphics quality and also makes games faster, Razer Cortex is one of the best game boosters for PC and you can use it on your Windows 8, 10 and 11 PC.

3. GameBoost


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GameBoost is another software that’ll work based on the areas of your PC you want it to boost anytime you’re gaming. This software can be used to optimize online game performance and also offline game performance. If you experience lag when playing online games, you can fix it with GameBoost, and if you want it to optimize your PC for background apps and also junk and cache that is consuming memory on your PC, GameBoost will handle it perfectly.

GameBoost will boost your CPU speed, improve refresh rate and also optimize your gameplay graphics. This software is a paid software but a one-time payment will let you use it for as long as you want and you can use it on another PC provided you log in with the same account you purchased it on.

4. Advanced System Cleaner

Advanced System Cleaner

Advanced System Cleaner is an optimization software dedicated to improving performance on Windows PC. This software handles different tasks when it comes to getting rid of activities that are causing the PC to lag, you can use it to clean junk and cache on your PC, it improves RAM and it’s one of the best system cleaners and optimizers out there. It also has other features like securing file deletion on a PC and you can use it to backup and restore files on your PC.

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Advanced System Cleaner is perfect for boosting gameplay speed on a PC, if you’re not using a gaming PC you can consider using this software on your PC. It’s very powerful and it’s one of the best at what it does.

5. Game Fire

Best Game Boosters For PC

If you’re looking for an ultimate game booster software for your PC, Game Fire is one of the few software that is highly recommended for carrying out tasks like that. Game Fire is used for optimizing PC performance to achieve the ultimate gaming experience, it reduces the load on system resources by closing the background apps that are making your PC consume more resources, and you can achieve higher FPS on any game you play once you’ve boosted your PC with Game Fire.

Game Fire will tweak your system settings by giving you the best performance and experience you need to play games better on your PC. This software is available for almost every Windows OS and it’s one of the best game boosters for PC.

6. Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster

Just like the game boosters we have on the smartphones that’ll allow us to add a game we want to play in the booster and then launch it, Wise Game Booster offers the exact feature but this can be done on PC alone. Wise Game Booster is a free game boosting software for Windows users and with this software, you can improve gameplay performance on your PC.

You only need to add the game inside the Wise Game Booster interface, then once you launch it, it’ll clean off any background process and also clean services that consume RAM as well. It’s one of the best game boosters for PC and it’s free.


These are the best game boosters for PC and they work perfectly, you can this software to optimize gaming performance on your PC. They all work well and they’re used by many gamers out there.

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