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Best GPU Benchmark Softwares in 2021

I'll be listing out the best GPU Benchmark software in 2021, and with these benchmarking tools, you'll be able to compare and rate a GPU performance before getting it

GPU benchmarking doesn’t seem common these days, because when you plan on getting a different PC or a new Android device for your self, after reading about the specs of your new PC or Smartphone, you’d have concluded on it as being better than your current device.

But sometimes these PC and Smartphones might not give high scale performance as you’d have predicted but if proper benchmarking has been done prior to purchasing it, that is why sometimes it’s always a good decision to benchmark a GPU before getting a new PC.

I’ll be listing out the best GPU Benchmark software in 2021, and with these benchmarking tools, you’ll be able to compare and rate a GPU performance before getting it. But first, what is GPU Benchmarking Softwares.

What Is  A GPU Benchmark Tool?

A GPU benchmark is a test that helps you to compare the speed, performance, and efficiency of the GPU chipset. The benchmarking software enables you to know the performance of various hardware components in the GPU, like RAM, GPU cycle, processing throughput, etc. Many such applications enable you to check the speed of the disk using various caching options, file and block sizes.

Best GPU Benchmark Software

1. PassMark

Best GPU Benchmark Software

When it comes to benchmarking a GPU, Passmark is one of the best GPU benchmark software that allows the comparison of your PC performance to some other similar PC’s out there and it does that without much stress due to its large database of benchmarked GPU’s.

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Passmark has a lot of features and you can run GPU benchmarks in different ways, you can run GPU performance test from your USB drive, and it also allows the testing of video cards and as well check speeds of your disks and also caching option. You can install this tool on your Android or Windows PC. Passmark is one of the best GPU benchmark software out there.

2. Geekbench


Geekbench is one of the best tools to benchmark GPU’s and it gives nothing but the best result overall, you can use this tool to quickly measure the performance of a computer, you can also use it to test how games can be played easily without any lags caused by too much background process.

Geekbench can analyze GPU on both single and multi-core processors. It’s a very simple tool and you can also share the result of your GPU performance with friends. You can use this tool on your Android device as well and you can scan GPU easily from your phone, Geekbench works perfectly and that makes it one of the best gpu benchmark software out there.

3. Furmark


If you’re unsure of how your GPU works and you feel it’s not performing better the way it should, FurMark is the best tool you can use to check your GPU temperature and also compare other GPU’s of different computers, this tool gives accurate information on graphics card performance.

FurMask can notify you when too much temperature has been applied on your GPU, you can also use this tool to customize your own preferred GPU testing mode. FurMask is one of the best GPU benchmark tools out there.

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4. Novabench

Best GPU Benchmark Software

Novabench is a great tool to benchmark a GPU and to also see that it runs on its full performance, this tool offers easy flexibility for GPU testing and you can also use it to get comparisons from other similar PC like yours.

Novabench has many features and it’s a software you can understand easily, you can check GPU memory transfer and also the disk read and write speed. It can optimize and repair some damaged areas in your PC. This is one of the best benchmark tools for GPU and it works accurately.


For benchmarking GPU, these are some of the best GPU benchmark tools to use and they all work well. It’s always good to benchmark a GPU to know its health and other minor issues like temperatures.

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