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Best Game Recording Software’s for Windows and Mac

I've handpicked the best game recording softwares for Windows and Mac. So if you'll like to record your gameplays or want to stream them live while you're recording, I've listed some of the best recording software's to use

Capturing moments in games we play is very cool, sometimes it’s even better when we record our gameplays and share them on Youtube as a walkthrough for others who are playing the same game, or one can set up a channel and stream our gameplay’s.

On Android, you’ll find the best Android apps to stream games and it’s the same thing with Windows or Mac users. You can record and stream your gameplay or you can record alone. There are different screen recording software out there and you’ll get to know some of them.

I’ve handpicked the best game recording softwares for Windows and Mac. So if you’ll like to record your gameplay’s or want to stream them live while you’re recording, I’ve listed some of the best recording software for you below.

Best Game Recording Software’s for Windows and Mac

1. Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar is a free Pre-installed game recording software that comes with Windows 10, it’s a very simple game recording software and it has cool features that’ll let you record your gameplay without stress. You can also take a quick screenshot of your screen and share it with your friends or to your channel.

Xbox Game Bar only supports two hour’s of screen recording but still, you can use it to make a different recording of your gameplay. This game recording software is good but not as advanced as other recorders.

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2. OBS

Icecream Screen Recorder

The OBS is one of the most advanced game recorders on Android, Mac and Windows. It’s also a very good recording software for making normal recordings and hosting online streams, this software is one of the most complete game screen recorders out there and it also allows you to stream directly to your Facebook, Youtube and other supported platforms.

OBS also lets you use the webcam feature while you record your game screen. Its one of the best game recording softwares you can use to make game records on Window and Mac. OBS is free and has no fixed charges and you can use it for long term projects.

3. Bandicam

Icecream Screen Recorder

Bandicam is a good recording software I used some years back when I was vlogging video tutorials on Android games, it served me well and I didn’t use any side software to enhance its work. It records better, offers recorded videos in high quality like MP4 and it automatically compresses video and doesn’t reduce the quality.

You can also stream your games live with Bandicam, it supports streaming across platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitch. Bandicam is my favourite screen recorder for anything I want to record, it’s one of the best game recording software’s out there.

4. Streamlabs

Streamlabs is well known and it’s not just an ordinary screen recorder that records game but it’s widely regarded as the best at what it does, Streamlabs makes playing recording games and streaming live very easy. You don’t need to stress much with this software. You can enjoy unlimited streams with Streamlabs.

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With Streamlabs you can record and stream your games to Facebook, Twitch and Youtube. Streamlabs is very easy to use and it has a clean user interface. It is one of the best game recording softwares for Windows and Mac.

5. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is the perfect game recorder you need to share your game clips to your friends and fans, you can share recorded clips to friends via live streams, uploading or even hosting your videos on some video hosting websites. With Icecream screen recorder you can do webinars, streams and also live tutorials.

This screen recorder is one of the best game recording software’s you can use to share live game plays, the recorded game plays on your Windows and Mac PC. it has cool features and you’ll love everything about the software.


For recording gameplay or live streaming gameplay on Windows and Mac, these are some of the best software you can use to do live broadcasts and also record normal videos like tutorial videos and more.

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