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7 Best Melodyne Alternatives for PC (Windows & Mac) in 2023

Here's a list of the best Melodyne alternatives for Windows and macOS PC.

The best Melodyne alternatives for PC are tools that’ll let you correct pitch. Whether you want to edit or manipulate vocal and instrumental recordings, these tools offer cheaper access compared to Melodyne. Anyone who is into music production must have heard of Melodyne and how powerful it is. It’s just the popular studio recording tool named FL Studio, even FL Studio does have alternatives.

When it comes to editing and manipulating vocal and instrumental recordings, Melodyne is known to be the best software for that. It is pretty powerful and also comes with amazing features. It is a tool you can use on your Windows and macOS PC but has some downsides. The cost of acquiring Melodyne doesn’t always seem to be the ultimate solution for people on a low budget.

However, there are other great options out there. That’s why we’ve handpicked the best Melodyne alternatives for PC here at NaijaKnowHow. With these alternatives, you’ll be able to explore some paid features of Melodyne cheaper than ever. These tools work perfectly for any music production task and you’ll enjoy how they work.

List of The Best Melodyne Alternatives for PC

Whether you’re a producer, a musician or an audio enthusiast. If you’re looking for the best alternatives to Melodyne for pitch correction, tunning, etc. With the list of alternatives provided below, you’ll surely find the right tool that meets your demands.

1. Autotune EFX+

Best Melodyne Alternatives

One of the best Melodyne alternatives for PC has been Autotune EFX+, a remarkable tool offering top features. Autotune EFX+ provides real-time pitch correction and auto-tuning features, allowing you to achieve professional-grade results with ease. Autotune EFX+ includes various modes and settings to suit different vocal styles and preferences. It offers advanced features like Humanize, which adds natural variations to the processed vocals, and Flex-Tune, which provides a transparent pitch correction effect. If you’ve never used Autotune EFX+ before, finding your way around it won’t be a difficult task. The software has a friendly interface and it also works with popular audio workstations.

What made Autotune EFX+ quite different is its real-time pitch correction capability. With this feature, you’ll be able to hear the pitch correction applied to your vocals or instruments during recordings. This also makes it easier to achieve desired results. Autotune EFX+ allows you to tailor the sound to your preferences. With its intuitive interface and powerful pitch correction capabilities, Autotune EFX+ is a fantastic alternative to Melodyne. Autotune EFX+ is also a paid tool, but you’ll find it affordable and there’s also limited free access as well.

2. GSnap


GSnap is a popular free pitch correction plugin that can be used as an alternative to Melodyne. This plugin is compatible with various DAWs and offers basic yet effective pitch correction capabilities. GSnap allows you to adjust the pitch of vocals or monophonic audio recordings, helping you achieve precise tuning. It features a straightforward interface with controls for pitch correction amount, pitch scale, and pitch correction speed. GSnap also includes additional settings for fine-tuning, formant control, and MIDI control. The fact that GSnap is free, gives it an edge over Melodyne.

One of the advantages of GSnap is its simplicity and ease of use. Even for users who are new to pitch correction, GSnap provides a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible and straightforward to achieve accurate tuning. GSnap offers a range of additional settings that can enhance your pitch correction workflow. The formant control feature allows you to adjust the vocal characteristics, enabling you to achieve more natural-sounding results. GSnap offers flexibility and that’s why it is one of the best Melodyne alternatives for PC.

3. MAutoPitch

Best Melodyne Alternatives

Another option for pitch correction is MAutoPitch and it is a free pitch correction plugin you should consider using. MAutoPitch plugin offers automatic pitch correction, formant shifting, and a wide array of adjustable parameters to fine-tune your audio recordings. MAutoPitch supports multiple pitch correction modes, including chromatic, scale-based, and MIDI modes, providing you with flexibility and control over the pitch correction process. It also includes advanced features such as adjustable formant control, timing correction, and vibrato manipulation.

You’ll surely love MAutoPitch because it has different customization options. You’ll be able to adjust different parameters. Some of the adjustable parameters include pitch correction depth, speed, and sensitivity, to achieve precise and natural-sounding results. MAutoPitch offers advanced timing correction, ensuring that the timing of the corrected notes aligns seamlessly with the original performance. With MAutoPitch, getting your pitch correction job done on your PC won’t be an issue. It ranks as one of the best Melodyne alternatives for pitch correction.

4. Pitchproof


Just like MAutoPitch, Pitchproof is another free pitch correction plugin you can consider using on your PC. It is quite easy to use and it has a lot of free features that make editing vocals quite easy. Pitchproof will let you adjust the pitch of vocals or instruments, providing both pitch correction and creative pitch-shifting possibilities. Pitchproof features multiple pitch-shifting algorithms, including classic, granular, and random modes, giving you a wide range of sonic options. It also includes controls for pitch correction depth, delay, and feedback. Furthermore, Pitchproof offers a harmonizer function, enabling you to create rich vocal harmonies and explore new musical textures. Using Pitchproof seems to be a great choice for musicians or producers.

One of the standout features of Pitchproof is its granular mode, which allows for more detailed pitch manipulation. This mode breaks down the audio into tiny fragments and shifts the pitch of each fragment individually, resulting in unique and complex soundscapes. Whether you’re looking to achieve precise tuning or create imaginative pitch effects, Pitchproof delivers a versatile and innovative alternative to Melodyne. It also has a powerful compatibility mode with most music software. You can also use Picthproog alongside any DJ Software for PC.

5. X42 Autotune

X42 Autotune

X42 ranks as one of the best pitch correction plugins that serve different purposes. It is an open-source tool and it comes with an automatic pitch correction and adjustable functions. You can easily make adjustable parameters for fine-tuning vocals or monophonic audio recordings. X42 Autotune supports various tuning modes, including chromatic, major, and minor scales, giving you options to match your musical context. The plugin offers controls for pitch correction speed, depth, and correction range. It also includes a graphical interface that displays the pitch corrections visually, allowing for easy monitoring and adjustment.

Furthermore, X42 Autotune happens to be a great choice because of its simplicity and efficiency. while using this plugin, you’ll enjoy a streamlined pitch correction process. Even if you’re new to a pitch correction tool like X42 Autotune, you’ll find it very easy to use. Another reason why X42 Autotune ranks as a better alternative to Melodyne is that it is a lightweight plugin. It has a straightforward interface, it is perfect for pitch correction. If you’re looking for one of the best Melodyne alternatives, X42 Autotune is a great option.

6. NewTone

Best Melodyne Alternatives

Another alternative to Melodyne on the list is NewTone, this is a fine pitch correction plugin as well. NewTone can be used as a time manipulator, it works for slicing, warping, correcting and editing vocals, instrumentals and other recordings. One of the standout features of NewTone is its advanced pitch modulation capabilities. It allows you to create expressive pitch modulation effects by drawing envelopes that control the pitch variations over time. This feature allows creative pitch manipulation and adds unique character to vocal recordings or instruments. NewTone also features a graphical editor that allows you to visually manipulate the pitch and timing of audio recordings.

NewTone is one of the finest Melodyne alternatives for pitch correction. In addition to its current features, NewTone also features a note-based editing option. The note-editing option will let you adjust the pitch and timing of individual notes within a recording, providing detailed control over the musical performance. NewTone is a plugin that works well with FL Studio and that’s why it is a better alternative to Melodyne.

7. Autotalent


Lastly, Autotalent is another Melodyne alternative you should consider using for any pitch correction. You’ll love it due to its straightforward interface, it is an efficient tool that works just perfectly for any studio work. Autotalent offers automatic pitch correction with a minimalistic interface, making it easy to use for beginners and those seeking a simple pitch correction solution. Autotalent features controls for pitch correction strength, speed, and scale selection, allowing you to quickly adjust the pitch correction parameters to suit your needs.

Autotalent is just like NewTune but with little difference. This pitch correction plugin is also lightweight and it is perfect with low-end PC. If you’re using a low-spec PC and you need a melodyne alternative that won’t make your PC lag, Autotalent is a great option. Autotalent delivers accurate pitch correction and helps achieve a more polished and in-tune vocal performance.


Melodyne is a great pitch correction tool and there’s no doubt about that. But with the list of alternatives handpicked above, you’ll surely have different options to work with. Whether it’s an open-source or a lightweight pitch correction software you’re looking for. You’ll find them in the list of options above.

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